I Went To Take Some Photos

Hello everyone:



First things first, happy new year!!!! Thought this year was never coming! But we’re all here, we’re still alive!

I’m extremely tired, yesterday I went to bed at 2:30 am. Me and my parents stayed all night watching a very good comedy show on TV! It was very funny, although maybe we bothered the neighbors downstairs. And OMG, thought that show would last about an hour, it lasted 3 hours. I didn’t watch the last half an hour because I was falling. I literally fell asleep in 2 seconds.

This morning I woke up at 10:00. I even dreamed of my (hot) teacher, you know? We were in class and he was speaking English, not Spanish. Even though his English isn’t perfect, I really enjoy listening to him in class when he speaks English. His voice is music for me. But let’s not change the subject; I had breakfast and then had a shower. This was a good day, this year’s starting good!

But still tired though.

So I went walking with my parents about an hour ago to take some photos. Today was a good day to do it and we haven’t taken much pictures lately. These are the pictures:

I didn’t take much photos but you know, I was tired and these were the ones that had the best light and resolution. Promise next time I will take more!

I love photography, it’s amazing! Taking photos is also great, I really enjoy it, makes me forget about anything else; just me, my camera and the landscape. Well, actually today’s pictures were taken with my phone; my camera had low battery.

I’m back to school again in 10 days: BUT I WANT MORE HOLIDAYS!!!!! And you know? Even though I’m enjoying these holidays so much, I kinda miss my teacher. I mean, I don’t miss school but I wanna see him. Meh…he’s not gonna ruin the rest of my holidays, let’s enjoy!

I hope to do lots of thing this year! I also hope not to die…yeah. Let’s just start this year with a BIG smile!!!

So, how was your day? How’s the year going? What are you planning to do?

I hope you liked this post and see you next time!

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18 thoughts on “I Went To Take Some Photos

  1. I love photography as well! High five✋ At least you still have 10 more days away from school…I only have 2 not including today! *wallowing in self-pity*

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