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Hello everyone:


I’ve been reading some pots about Back 2 School in the last few hours; and you know, they talk about bad things about school and friends were one factor (and a perfect topic for today’s post). And it came to my mind that sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean pretty much ALL THE TIME) my friends tend to boast about pretty much nonsense.

So right now I’m gonna talk about the 5 principal topics kids/teens these days boast about. Let’s start:


Topics Teens Presume About

Marks: Obviously marks. If you are a schooled living being, and there’re other schooled living beings around you that get better marks, chances are you’ve dealt with this. It’s so annoying, like bro: It’s fine to get a 9, but don’t you think you’re pointing it out TOO MUCH?!?! I mean, I got an 8 and you didn’t get the best mark in the class; which was a 10 BTW. Like, I don’t boast when I get a 10!!!! And also, I don’t care about your marks, I’m not your parents!!

Traveling: I travel; I’m talking about international flights from Spain to Mexico and all the way back and I don’t boast about it. My friends travel in national flights and they presume TO ME?!?! Like bro: Who do you think you’re messing with?!?!

Languages: I have friend…she’s not bad at English…I’m WAY better as you can tell…She boasts to me about her (mostly crappy) English!!! Like girl friend: I’m ok if you think you’re Dora the Explorer but just don’t presume to me. She maybe think it’s like a competition, but I don’t. It is just it.

Material Stuff: I’m talking about toys, clothes, even books… I have a friend who doesn’t read AT ALL. She always critics another of my friends because she thinks he reads “too much” (I know, disgraceful!) The other she bought a book…OMG she was presuming about it!!!!! It was like:

-Hey guys, I got a new book! It’s about a girl who’s pet is a seal!!! It’s amazing, I love to read!!

I just couldn’t believe it!

Things that didn’t happen: It’s amazing to have dreams and we actually all have dreams that hopefully come true someday. But some friends just presume about their dreams when actually nothing happened. I’m not explaining this really good, let me show you an example:

The other day, my cousin told me she wants to go to perform musicals in Broadway when she grows up. Yeah, she presumes of it like:

-And you know? I’m gonna be so famous that my name will me in the neon lights at the front of the theater! I’ll be rich!

And I’m like: And? I want to be a millionaire when I grow up…I can’t presume right now, and so you can’t! You nasty!


So these were the most frequent topics my friends boast of. But well…I guess we all have to deal with that crap. Hope you liked this post, I also hope friends find some other hobbies so they can’t bother us! I think that’s too much to ask. So what things do your friends boast of? Have you ever dealt with this? Do you relate with any of these situations? Tell me in the comments!

See you next time, peace out!

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8 thoughts on “Friends Boast TOO MUCH | Rant

  1. Oh gosh, I really felt that last one. This little child I don’t particularly like (she’s six years younger than me; we share the same birthday) was talking to me sayin she was gonna be an actress first. Then she’d become a ballerina. And then she was gonna become president of the USA. Haha nahh child. Which it’s petty how much that annoyed me, but it did. XD

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