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Hello everyone:


And I’m sorry I’m not posting very often (only posting at the weekend). But I promise I will post every time I can. I’ve been having TOO MUCH homework lately, but I have to beat procrastination, I’m a strong person…right?

Anyways…in my school some people use to go out with friends like, almost everyday in the afternoon and at the weekends… Yeah, I’m not one of those people. I use to stay at home, doing homework, studying, watching YouTube vids… Whatever.

Like, I go out with friends, but most of the times with my friend and neighbor Laura and some other times in Halloween until last year (because I don’t think that 13 year old teens should go out to ask for candy anymore), carnival, doing homework in groups, birthday parties… And some of my friends ask me why I don’t go out THAT MUCH.

I tell them I don’t want to. Simple answer.

I live in a small town in which almost every kid goes out alone since they were 8. Yeah, today was the first day I go out ALONE. Like, my parents never let me, sometimes I’ve asked them why not and they had their reasons like: there’s mad people out there, you don’t even look when crossing the crossroad… Blah, blah, blah… Good reasons, actually I agree with them.

But somehow there’s always been a part of me that wanted to go out with friends without having to come with my mum or my dad. All my friends goes to the park alone, every time we gathered; everyone came alone except me, I had to come with my mum or my dad. It was very awkward, like: I’m not ashamed of my parents, but it’s awkward.

Today me and my friends Cova and Endry gathered in Cova’s house to do some homework in group. Cova moved home some days ago and I didn’t know exactly where she lived, Endry told me to gather at the park and then go together to Cova’s house. I didn’t want to go with my parents, or get back with my parents, I didn’t want to feel like that anymore. I mean, that doesn’t bother me while sleeping but I feel a little awkward and my friends are good friends, they don’t mind but that had to stop.

And also, the park is near my house and Cova told me her house was quite near to mine. It’s ridiculous to go with my parents.

When I came back from school, I asked my parents if I could go to Cova’s house and come back alone and surprisingly, they agreed, I felt amazing. I really thought they wouldn’t let me, or at least they would think about it, but no. At first I felt, this is my first time, I’m gonna be freaking terrified, that was another problem.

But no, I didn’t feel scared at all, it felt great, at least a little bit more of independence.

I went alone to the park, I saw Endry, we went to Cova’s house, he actually didn’t do homework because we played all the time and then went home alone. From now in on, I’ll do this.

And that’s all, You know what? Today was also the first anniversary of the day I fell in love with my hot teacher. haha…great!

I’m sorry this rant was a bit too long and boring but I’ll make a better post maybe on Sunday. Also, how was your day?

Hope you have a great day, see ya!

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12 thoughts on “Independence and Other Thoughts | RANT

  1. Ohhhh! I’m not independent! I have always been one of the oldest in my group of friend’s, but yet they mother me, because I always seem lost haha XD

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  2. Haha I’m still in the boat swimming towards getting total independence xD but I get my mother and even if could just walk out of my house to the shops alone I probably wouldn’t.

    P.S The marvellous Chloe sent me here 😀

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