Some More Photos

Hello everyone:


And as I told you some weeks ago, I went to take photos these days. I also told you I would take more photos, so here I am with even more photos!!!!!!

So I hope you like these pictures, some of them were taken with my phone and some of them with my camera.

I’m really tired, I didn’t sleep much last night. I went to bed late because I was listening to music. I probably bothered the neighbors downstairs with all the noise. Sorry neighbors!

Yesterday I gathered with my friends to prepare a performance because we’re going to participate in a Carnival costume contest! Our theme is toys, we even made a banner. And you know what? They told me to dance the Gangnam Style!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it, I’m too shy! I didn’t even wanna dance, I just wanted to throw confetti!!

Anyways, the photos:

Told ya I’d put more! I took some of them yesterday when I gathered with my friends and some of them last week, sorry to upload them late!

I also told you guys I’d be posting a song recommendation (what a large word!) every month, so this month’s recommendation is My House by Flo Rida:

What’s your favorite song? Do you recommend me any songs? Tell me in the comments!! So hope you guys liked this post and see you next time!!!! Bye!!

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