SHOPPING DAY: Shopping Haul + StarWars + Some Photos


Hello everyone:

Why do I always say “hello everyone”? Guess I should say something like: What’s up peeps? or Yo hey!, I don’t know… Anyway, today’s post is gonna be a little different, I’m gonna share with you some things I bought yesterday + my experience watching STAR WARS: The Force Awakens + Some Photos I thought you’d like. But before:


On Friday, Chloe Lauren from Diary Of A Lonely Girl posted an interview featuring me!!!!! If you want to read the interview, CLICK HERE!! So please make sure to check it out, we had a lot of fun making it!!!! So thanks again Chloe for interviewing me!!! #TeamAwesome And we’re also gonna make a Collab post soon here, in my blog!!

So now, let’s start with the random post!!!!

Shopping Haul

And don’t worry, this is just a Mini-Shopping Haul.

So I bought 2 T-Shirts, the first one is a Star wars T-shirt and the second one is just a comic t-shirt, I thought it was pretty cool!!! Oh and I also bought some shoes, aren’t they awesome?????

So that was all, now this is a Mini-Haul!!

Star Wars

And I know this is a bit late but yesterday I just watched StarWars: The Force Awakens so come on, judge me!! It was amazing!!!!!! If you haven’t watched it, I really recommend you to do it!!!!! You won’t regret it!!!!

And you know what?? When me and my parents were buying the tickets, the person who was there gave me a free poster!!!!! It’s so BIG, let me show ya:


See? Told ya it was BIG!!! As you can see, I even had to stand on my bed to take a picture of it cause it’s TOO BIG!! As you can also see, the poster is in Spanish because duh! I’m gonna hang it on my bedroom’s wall!!!!

Some Photos

So when me and my parents were walking at the mall, we saw a Barbie exhibition (I know it sounds awful but wait, there’s more!) Let me show ya the photos I took there:

Cool right? And those were few of the dolls!!

So as you can see, it was kind of a special day yesterday!!!! This post was totally full of photos!!! So hope you guys liked this post, see you later!!!!!

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