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Yo hey!!! Told ya I would change the introduction. I think it was kinda lame you know?? That overused “hello everyone” in every post, I think it was time to change it.

So the one and only Simi from EDMonGOVN tagged me to do The MUSIC Tag so thank you so much!!!!! You’re amazing!!!!

So come on, let’s do this tag!!!!!



  • Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping).
  • Write your favorite lyric from each song.
  • Tag others to do it.


WARNING: Just before you read the playlist and complain about my lameness, let me just warn ya’ll: These quotes are not gonna be very deep, just quotes I find fun!!! I’m not a very deep person, think this tag is not made for me!!!! I like quotes though, RAINBOWS!!!!


Freaks – Timmy Trumpet: Tell me where the freaks at! I really recommend you to listen to this song, it’s gonna make you lose your mind!!!! It’s amazing, my friends shuffled this song in science class before the hot teacher came into the room, fools!!!

Money for nothing – Dire Straits: I couldn’t choose between these two: We gotta install microwave ovens & We gotta move these refrigerators (Ok I chose this lyric because I think it doesn’t make any sense!!!)

Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo: I’m that flight that you get on, international (This is more funny than mind-blasting though.) I know this song is a little TOO dirty but I just really like the beat!!! It makes me think of my hot teacher even thought he’s not dirty at all because duh…he’s a teacher!!!

You Know You Like It – DJ Snake ft. AlunaGeorge: I don’t take things as they come if they bring me down.

Without Me – Eminem: No matter how many fish in the sea cause it feels so empty without me (This totally cheers me up when I’m upstet when my hot teacher forgets my name)

My Band – D12 ft. Cameo: Girl why cant you see you’re the only one for me and it just tears my a$$ apart to know that you don’t know my name… (this one is the story if my life, my hot teacher doesn’t even know my name, it makes me outraged!!!)

Focus – Ariana Grande: Focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me!! (HAHAHAHA!!! You didn’t expect that, did you?)

Berzerk – Eminem: Now this sh*t’s about to kick off, this party looks wack, Let’s take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch (I chose this one because it rhymes)

Genghis Khan – Miike Snow: It’s a cheat somewhere Cause I don’t really want you, girl But you can’t be free Cause I’m selfish, I’m obscene (this goes to everyone who gets jealous easily!!)

Waiting For Love – Avicci: For every dreamer a dream we’re unstoppable with something to believe in

Bang My Head – David Guetta ft. Sia: You may feel light headed, but you won’t crawl, no, you won’t fall You will rise above it all


So my nominees are the following AMAZING peeps:

So this was the post!!!! I think this really makes people think about what the songs they like say!!!! I think I can relate to at least 80% of the songs I like!!! And you?? Hope you liked this post!!!!!

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23 thoughts on “The Music Tag: My Current Playlist

  1. I literally did this the other day? weird haha! Anyway, I love most of these, especially ‘my band’, but is that a different version? I don’t remember that line?

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  2. Aha! Love this post, A LOT! I love those songs and it truly describes how or who YOU are, at least as far as I know you!! And just to answer your question I am attached to each and every song I listen to. It always reminds me of the good and bad days I have had as I was listening to those songs!! Great post! Love it!

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