Random Photos


Hey peeps:

So yesterday I went to one of my friends’ birthday and then we went to watch a movie. I had a great day yesterday (obviously the birthday girl had a great day too). So I took some pictures of the day (they weren’t much, so sorry) so hope you enjoy.

I also told ya’ll I’d be posting photography today:

And posted a preview:

I’m just saying, I’m not showing you this because I want you to follow me on social media…psh…who do you think I am?

But let’s not change the subject, these are some pictures of yesterday:

This was my friend’s gift:


I took a photo of it because I thought the wrapper was really cute.

These were my friends’ and my feet (which you probably have seen in the Instagram post and the featured image):


And these were my feet:


This was the meal at the party. At least in Spain, the usual meal in parties is: popcorn, chips, candy, sandwiches, pizza, croquettes, Spanish omelette… Obviously you can choose what you want to eat, they won’t oblige you. For drink we usually have water, Coke, Sprite, Aquarius… I usually choose water:


This was my plate, super healthy (don’t worry, I ate a whole lot more than that):


Hope you liked this post, maybe the photos were a bit boring, but I wanted to share my experience yesterday with you.

How was you week? What did you do? Did you have a lot of exams? Do you have exams next week? Cause I do (sad face). See you next time and hope ya’ll have a wonderful day, bye!!

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