Reasons Why I Hate Sports

sports suck

Hi guys!!

First things first, HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!!! Even thought we don’t celebrate it in Spain. *sigh and sad face* 

So today I was on my laptop looking for some inspiration for today’s post. And there was a moment in which I thought, maybe I’m not posting today. I HAD NO IDEAS!!! But then I saw couple of sports images around Canva (just in case you didn’t know, Canva is n online software that enables you to make your own images) and thought, maybe I should post about how I suck at sports!!! So yeah, here I am.

But don’t get me wrong; I hate most sports, the only sports I like are swimming, tennis and dancing. Wait, doesn’t walking count?

So get ready for Reasons Why I Hate Sports (is this color salmon? Nah…never mind), hope you like it:


Laziness is something that prevents people to do (in most serious cases) pretty much everything. Grabbing the TV’s remote control, going to the grocery store, doing homework or studying, going to the bathroom when you need (sorry for my language) to pee… Possibilities are endless and one of them is doing sports. Like, if I had to stay all day in bed, it’ll be totally fine. Sports are just too much work.


I’m always tired, just like right now. Seriously, if I don’t drink coffee right now I think I’m gonna break my laptop. Ok so most of the time I’m tired, but not because I don’t sleep enough or because I move a lot…no! I’m just tired all the freaking time!! If I had to define myself in three words, it’ll be: fun, smart and tired.

So how can a tired person be good or simply like sports? Since I was 6 or 7  all my sports teachers have told me sometime: Hey, what’s wrong? Wake up! You gotta move, the ball’s right there!!! If I had money every time people tell me that, I would have bought a whole neighborhood right now.


Dear person who invented work in pairs: What the heck were you thinking?

It’s ok to work on your own, it’s ok to work in groups, it’s ok to work all together, but seriously? IN PAIRS? I just hate it because sometimes you don’t like the person next to you, sometimes you are crap next to the other person, or even vice versa. It gets really annoying when we have to dance in pairs and your partner belongs to the other gender…that’s a HUGE issue.


The teacher always shouts to you even if you’re doing it well. I mean, this is not my current teacher, it was another teacher that I had some of years ago but I’m pretty sure a lot more teachers are like that. Sometimes they even shout to when the class didn’t even start. Like what the hell? Like calm down man, I recommend you to drink some tea before coming to school.


Well, guess that talks for itself.

OMG sports are like like studying, they’re good but they take SO MUCH EFFORT!! Maybe I would like sports if I were good at them, or if I wasn’t lazy, or if I didn’t have to move, or if I weren’t tired all the time…maybe one day I’ll like sports…one day. Well at least I like to watch sports on TV!! Wait, what if blogging became a sport? Hhmm….

Maybe I missed 1 or 2 other reasons. If yes, please tell me in the comments!! Also do you like sports? Are you good at sports?

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Perhaps see you tomorrow, bye!!

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26 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Hate Sports

  1. Omg I hate sports sooooo much too. My only exceptions are cycling, cricket and tennis but we never get to play them at school. Also, Canva is absolutely amazing isn’t? I love making graphics on it!! 🙂

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  2. I hate most sports because I don’t want to physicaly move my body . It’s just too much work.
    I once got hit in the face with broomball when I decided to actually try in class so I kind of gave up after that.

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