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watcha can't do in class


Sorry for having being away from WordPress in the past few days but I have a good excuse, I’ve been taking pictures around to show them to you in the next post so look out for that!!

But let’s not change the subject, I was kinda sad because (as some of you may know) school starts tomorrow for me…yeah it’s a sad moment. Anyway, I was thinking to make a post related to school. It’s about things we students do in class but aren’t technically allowed. Yeah, let’s admit it, sometimes we do things we can’t do at school. So get ready for Things People Can’t Do In Class so let’s start before you fall asleep:

Using our phones: Ok so I don’t bring my phone to school much, I only brought it to school 3 times: First time: I forgot to take it out of my jacket so I brought it to school Second time: My teacher (crush) told us to bring our phones to take pics of our experiments so I brought my phone (I know what you’re thinking: “you took pics of your crush” but no I didn’t, I’m not that naughty) Third time: It was the last day of class and the math teacher told us we could bring our phones to listen to music, play games… but apart from that, never. But most people do it basically ALL THE TIME. But you know, they take selfies in the bathroom, during break time, in class if the teacher is stupid as hell and doesn’t notice…

Cheating in exams: Ok so maybe this one is the one that annoys me the most, specially when the freaking teacher DOESN’T NOTICE. People in my class do it in every single exam, like, there’s no exam in which no one cheats. And to make matters worse, you can’t tell the teachers because if you do so, the teacher will warn everyone in the class and if you’re unlucky, people will find out you were the snitch and no one will trust you anymore. Like why don’t teachers ever notice, some teachers are even just in front of the person who’s cheating and still don’t notice!!!

Asking about the answers in exams: Well this is pretty much the same as the last one but it’s easier for the teacher to notice because there will always be that annoying whispering background sound. But my teachers are SO STUPID that they will never notice until they correct the exams and notice that 2 people wrote this:

B) An English speaking country in North America:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United States

Like man, you can’t be so stupid! This was just an example but you know what I mean, right? If you’ve ever been to school, you may have noticed something like this at some point. It’s funny but teachers always get pissed off.

Play music before the teacher comes to class: This one is a little funny because we have a teacher who everyone laughs at and all that… Anyway, sometimes when we got class with that teacher, my classmates play music on the computer on the teacher’s desk and when the teacher comes he freaks out. He turns off the music but doesn’t say a word or even put evil face, NOTHING! The worse is, they always play REALLY good music so everybody stands up and starts jelling and jumping! I wish that wasn’t a bad thing.

Making notes or drawing inappropriate stuff in class: And you know what “inappropriate stuff” means so I don’t have to explain it. Sometimes teachers notice and sometimes not. When the teacher notices they can do 2 things: first: keep the note and ground the kids second: tell off and pretend like nothing happened. But teachers usually don’t notice.

So those are the most common things my class does in class. But before saying anything, admit it: sometimes it can be fun to certain extend, cause there’re limits. My favorite is playing music in class, specially when my crush is around cause I like when he hears the noise and freaks out. Music + your crush = Adrenalin explosion

Also, do you (or your classmates) do any of these things? Are there some other things you do in class? Tell me in the comments!


Btw I made a video playing the most inappropriate games for kids on Roblox lol hope you enjoy 😀

Ok so hope you liked this post, I really had fun writing it! Hope you guys have a great day/nigh/afternoon wherever you are!


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35 thoughts on “Things You Can’t Do In Class

    • Thank you! XD
      And sure, I’ve never cheated so I’m not really familiar with cheating methods and most of the times they just tell me how they do it:
      Sometimes they stick post-its under their shoes, under the table or their pencil case.
      This one is the weirdest because once one of my friends introduced a post-it into a pen! I have no idea how she did it!
      And another of my classmates once put her phone between her legs so she could search the answers on google, she didn’t find them anyways. 😛
      And how to notice… the few times I noticed by myself were because they had a strange look, like they were focused but not looking at the paper, like not writing in a long time. Also you can notice if they look at each other suspiciously or if they just stand up acting like their pen dropped. Or even asking people “can you lend me your…” and they just share the answers.
      And you’re a teacher: what subject?

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  1. Omigosh! These are things we do all the time but we aren’t allowed phones so it sucks to not be able to scare the shit out of our teachers! But we do sing a lot on class and it’s kinda fun yet upsetting to hear your teacher yell and then plead.😯😑(I’m not so mean!!)
    Anyways, great post! Loved it! My school starts tomorrow too, but you already know that!😉 anyways have fun in school while I die in mine!! XD

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  2. Nice post! When I wasn’t homeschooling my classmates and I always used our phones even if it wasn’t allowed. Some teachers don’t notice, or sometimes I guess they just don’t care 😂

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  3. Hey…first of all, great post! And second of all, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Its completely fine if you choose not to do it!💙

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  4. I never cheat, but then, there’s this one subject that I have no idea what to write because I didn’t study at all due to my volleyball games, as psychologists would say, “tabula rasa” — nothing, as in zilch… then, I decided to do what my classmates were doing, they’re having leakages from reviewers so I had mine prepared like a pro. While I was doing it, I realized I did not know how to do it!!! I nearly got caught because of my stupid seatmate who needed a diversion for her friend and called the teacher towards him.

    I know that I will be caught red-handed due to my stupidity with all the reviewers on my desk and since we used school printed booklets for exams, what the hell are those papers on top of my desk for, right? I pretended to have vertigo attack, I fainted for like 5 minutes until he’s left my side and I was able to throw those things inside my purse.

    I never cheated again, I knew that it wasn’t for me.

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  5. people in my school cheat like a passtime. And the anoying thing is that even the most watchful teachers dont notice. Just yesterday, A girl had her friend send her a picture of our science test so she could ¨study¨ off of it.

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  6. Hey nice post. Something I’ve noticed in college is how you’ll see people on their phones, or whispering to each other during class.. but as you get to upper level classes you really don’t see it at all anymore.. coincidence?? 😀

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