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How are ya’ll doing? I hope you’re doing great, cause you know what they say: Sunday Fun-day!!! Am I right?? XD XD XD

So recently I was tagged by the amazing Em to do the Happiness Tag and I just can’t wait to do it because I haven’t done it before and it seems to be so cool to do!!!! So thank you so much Em for tagging me, it means a lot!!!! And I also love everything related to being happy and positiveness!! (except at school cause it’s boring 😛 )

So let’s go with the rules:

  • List 5 things that make you happy
  • List 5 songs that make you happy
  • Nominate 5 people to do this tag
  • If possible please smile while doing the tag too


  1. I love (obviously) blogging!! It is amazing because your blog is a place where you can share your thoughts and your experiences with other people!!! I also love it because blogging communities are the best thing in the world, we support each other, become friends, have fun together…
  2. I love listening to music with my speaker in my bedroom. It’s amazing!! If you’re a teenager and for some reason you don’t have a speaker then what are you doing? You’re missing out life!
  3. I love sleeping! I just love to jump in bed and start thinking about things that happened along the day before I fall asleep! Night is my favorite part of the day.
  4. Photography. I love to go out to different/new places and take pictures of everything I find interesting!! It’s amazing!! I also love to share those pictures with ya’ll on my blog, it’s something that I really enjoy!!
  5. Thinking out loud. I spend a lot of time at home after school, specially in winter because there’s nothing to do when you live in a small town. I love to think out loud about things that happened along the day or say my opinion out loud. I also talk to myself about my crush because my friends don’t know I like him and it’s awkward to talk about it with my parents.


  1. Gimme Gimme Gimme – ABBA: It’s an amazing song and it really makes me happy because of the beat and the lyrics.
  2. Turn Up The Love – Far East Movement: I love that song cause it has an amazing beat and I love the rapping part so much!! I also love the whistle!!!
  3. Right Round – Flo-Rida: I love that song because who’s head doesn’t spin right round when we have a crush? That’s all I gotta say!
  4. I’m Sexy and I Know It – LMFAØ: I love this song because I really brings up your self-steem when you’re sad because your crush didn’t look at you.
  5. Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer: I love this song, I love the rap and the beat!! Makes you feel great!!!

I really recommend you to check out those songs if you don’t know ’em!!!


  1.  GeorgieGrl
  2.  Dziey
  3.  Truuty
  4.  Wanda
  5.  HappyAlex

So that was all!! I had a lot of fun doing this tag, it was amazing!!! I hope you enjoyed reading this post!!! So thanks again Em for tagging me and I’m sorry if I’m kinda repetitive, that’s my thing!! Make sure to follow her blog, she’s really nice and she makes amazing posts so check her out!!

Hope you guys have an amazing day and until next time!!

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23 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag

  1. Aww I really enjoyed reading this!! I love photography too and omg Abba is amazing (that reminds me, I haven’t watched Mamma Mia in a while 😂😂). Thank you mentioning me too!! 🙂

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  2. Photography really makes me happy as well and ”I’m sexy and I know it” is a wonderful, uplifting song.
    great job and congrats on the nomination! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great things there, but you missed me out on things you love the most 😉 Joke! HAHA! Photography, music and blogging are my life. Oh and reading obviously. 😀

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