Trip to Some Pre-Romanesque Chapels



So just 1 hour ago I just came from a school trip to Oviedo (Spain) with all the peeps from my generation. And let me say it was Amazing with capital A, we just had so much fun!! Of course I took some pictures to show you guys!!!

So we visited 2 chapels from the Pre-Romanesque period which are at the outskirts of Oviedo. The first one is called Santa María del Naranco and it’s very pretty! It was built by King Alfonso II in the 9th century and it is not a religious building, it’s just a civil one. It has 2 floors: the first one was used to bury people whereas the second one was used to celebrate meetings, receive people from outside…

The second chapel is smaller, it was built in the 11th century and this is a religious chapel. It is the chapel of San Miguel de Lillo. The chapel was built near an unstable place so most of it collapsed so they had to build the rest in the 12th century. We couldn’t take pictures inside this chapel so you can’t see it but there are some stairs that lead to a balcony at the second floor which the King used to give speeches to the people.

I also took few pictures with my friends so lemme show’em to ya!

Of course our faces don’t show cause…duh! I hope you enjoyed this post cause I really enjoyed the trip. Those are the only chapels we visited, we also wanted to visit the cathedral of Oviedo but we were running out of time so we couldn’t.

I hope you guys have a great day!!!

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