Went To a Playmobil Exhibition



So what’s shaking guys? It’s Saturday! I hope you’re having a great week so far, cause I am guys!

Sorry, enough of the nonsense; last week I went to the mall and there was an Playmobil exhibition which looked pretty cool so I thought: Let’s take some pics and put them in my blog! It is is Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period which is pretty cool in my opinion!!! So that’s what I did, I took lots of pics and with lots I mean LOTS of pics. So I chose the ones that looked the best in my point of view to share them with you guys. So get yourself some popcorn and sit down cause they’re gonna be a lot of photos:

Whoah! Those were all the pics I wanted to show you guys! I told you It would take a lot, but it’s SO worth it, I really liked the exhibition cause it’s not the classic Playmobil toys you see in the store, they’re way cooler. If I still played with toys I would have totally wanted to play with those, I love the church, the castle, the workshops and shops, the people walking, the graveyard, the ships… Everything was really pretty! If they make another exhibition, I would like it to be about Ancient Greece and Rome, that’ll be SO COOL!!!

So peeps, that was all for today’s post! Hope you guys enjoyed it and have a great day/night!


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8 thoughts on “Went To a Playmobil Exhibition

  1. THIS IS SO AMAZING! i wish I could go one someday if my parents weren’t so protective and if I wasn’t too socially awkward to people! Hahaha, also, love the photos you took!

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