Why Do I # Everything?



How are ya’ll? Today’s Sunday Funday, well actually not cause there’s school tomorrow…argh! #FirstWorldProblems Wait, did I just put a hashtag again? 💩 Lately, I’ve been hashtagging everything I write or say, except in school homework and exams for sure! 

I just can’t help it, hashtags are so cool!!!! 😎😆 I just feel like everything sounds better with a hashtag, it sounds like what you’re saying is like a really big deal, you know what I mean? I think I’m not explaining it very well. I haven’t done this always, I just started to do this when my friends began to do it too. It was like:


 -Hi, what’s up?

 -#NothingReally #ExamStress #WBU

 -I’m fine, thanks!

 -#NoProb #GTG #TTYL

 -Ok #SeeYa

Just to clarify: I’m pink and my friend is blue

And that’s more or less how one of my friends introduced me to this mania. Now I can’t say anything without hashtagging words. But you know what? It’s cool, like I think everyone should talk like this, everything would be like more interesting. Conversations would be also kinda shorter with #Acronyms, putting #EmojiFaces and all… Yeah maybe we people are killing languages with these trends…meh languages are there to change them, it’ll be fine!

Also as some of you may know, I’m an english learner so I can get confused pretty easily. And because I speak and write colloquially pretty much all the time, I tend to writ like that the few times we have english essays in class. My teacher told me I can’t write like that for school assignments and exams which is pretty obvious cause duh! But don’t get me wrong: I try to not write like that but it’s a little too hard. So I’m trying to be less colloquial for my good. #ImLoosingSkills This is what I’m talking about.

So guys, never learn how to speak in a colloquial way until you actually kill it! #TrueStory 😂

Or maybe the teacher was just jealous I had more colloquial knowledge than her…huh? Who’s the teacher now? #LikeABoss 😎 Nah just kidding! 😂😂😂 #LOL

But of course I avoid hashtags at school like, I’m not that stupid you know? Hehe I would like to though. 😂😂😂 By the way, I also use emojis quite a lot too as you may have noticed. I just love them! They’re so cute!

Anyways…What I’m trying to say is: ok I don’t know, I didn’t prepare any of this. hehe 😂 Maybe we should like be colloquial and cool and all that with our friends and family but you know, have on mind when, where or who we’re talking to.

Just use emojis, hashtags, acronyms, colloquial expressions, badwords and else with people you know you have confidence with. But if you get confused and say something by accident, just laugh at the other person’s face when you arrive home, that’s my “advice” if I can call it advice.

So guys I hope you had a great week and remember june is just starting so you should be very happy about that! (Sorry for the lame…I don’t know how to call that). Hope you enjoyed this post!


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