My Current Coffee Obsession!!!

My New Coffee


I hope you’re all doing great! If you already know me you probably know I love coffee, I drink it pretty often! I just love it, I just couldn’t live without it!! ☕️

And because I love it I normally try new types of coffee and flavors and all that stuff. So I was at the grocery store with my parents and we found out there’s a type of coffee that’s cold and you just have to shake it to drink it. And let me just say it tastes like HEAVEN!!! XD It’s like a coffee smoothie, it’s so cool! Where has it been all my life? It looks like this:

I put my finger over the brand name cause I do not wanna make publicity, hehe XD

Cool, uh? You just have to keep it in the fridge as obvious and shake it to drink it. It’s like normal coffee but also the texture is kinda like a smoothie and I think it’s kinda sweeter too. It may be not THAT common but there’s not just one brand, there’s more but this one is the one I’ve been liking the most!! You can choose whatever you want people!

This coffee is also great for summer cause when it’s hot people don’t want hot drinks cause duh! People prefer cold drinks and this is perfect! *claps and cheers for the people who invented this*. If you’re a living being and you don’t carry out photosynthesis, then I highly recommend you to try this!

Have you already tried this coffee? Have ya not? Would ya like to? Do you even like coffee? Tell me in the comments, it’s free!

So I guess this was my mini rant for today, I guess I’ll be writing more often soon cause almost all my exams are over yay!! I hope you liked this post and sorry if this was short but I think there’s not much more to say about coffee, or yes?

I hope you have a great day guys? Go coffee!! ☕️


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9 thoughts on “My Current Coffee Obsession!!!

  1. Is coffee an acquired taste or do you just like it or you don’t? Because I tried Nescafe once and ugh, gag me with a spoon. I have mates who are coffee snobs.
    “Milk and sugar? Ugh, you philistine.”
    I prefer by chocolate anyway.

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  2. Whoo! Cold coffees are the best, especially on warm summer days 🙂 (Also, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award)


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