It’s Nearly Summer!!!



So this week (on Wednesday to be precise) I finished all my exams for this school year!! That means no more studying till next school year!! I’m super happy because that gives me more time to spend on blogging yay!! Enough of the stress, enough of exams and grades and all that.

So in my school, we start holidays next Friday cause Thursday is the last day!! I think school should finish as soon as we’re all done with exams but anyway… I just can’t wait for summer, there’re so many things I want to do: one of them is blogging cause duh, I also wanna hang out with my friends and go to the beach, I want to go to places and take pictures, read more books… Maybe I’ll make a Summer Bucket List on next week’s post!

Me and my parents go to Mexico to visit our family for more or less a month in summer but as it seems, we’re not going this year which makes me really sad but maybe we’ll go next year. I always post when I’m on holidays so you don’t have to worry about that but not going on holidays means of course I’ll have more time to post stuff!!!! *Me seeing the bright side of stuff like a boss, just kidding!*  Nah I hate first world problem rants so enough of the bull$h*t, ain’t nobody dying! If everything I posted here were first world problem rants I think half of the blogging population would have told me to take my first world problems and $t*ck them… well you know. 😛 *Please kids don’t tell your parents*

Summer holidays here in Spain last a little less than 3 months which is pretty cool because I think people in other countries don’t have that many time, at least my cousins (the ones that live in Mexico) have 1 month and half, sad. :/ But here in Spain we’re cooler so my cousins better move and not complain about stuff and just, well… to be honest I don’t even know what I’m saying…

So I’m gonna be posting more often in summer and hopefully next school year as well because I think that just one post a week is kinda lame so that means I need more organisation in my life and try to not procrastinate… thinking all that makes me tired, I’ll think about schedules when next school year arrives, it’s too soon.

I’ve already got some ideas for blog posts for this summer cause seriously, I’ve already got a list with more than 72 post ideas although some of them don’t convince me very much but I’ve got a lot to choose from. Oh god I can’t wait for summer, I’m stressing myself out!! I’ll be telling you more details soon hehe!! XD XD

So I guess that was my mini rant for today, I’ll be posting tomorrow as (don’t ask me why) we have a day off school yay!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Huge shoutout to kavsxx, she’s got an amazing blog and you should totally check it out cause it’s great!! So go show her some love! I forgot to make this shoutout sooner cause I’m a little bit absent minded but better late than never, sorry! 😛 So go check her out guys!

So hope you liked this post! Are you on holidays already? Aren’t ya? Whatcha gonna do in summer? Any plans? Tell me in the comments, I would love to know!!!


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