Confessions of a Teen Phone Addict

Confessions of a Teen Phone Addict


Today I was on the phone thinking about ideas for today’s post. I was thinking: Hey I’m always on the phone! I’m like some sort of…addict to it! Nah, the most time I spend on the phone is when I just posted something here and I’m waiting to see what people think. But I spend a lot on the phone anyway and that that means I’m gonna write The Confessions of a Teen Phone Addict. Cause admit it, your phone is like your underwear, it always goes with you!

Also, you can become pretty addicted to your phone specially if you’re a teenager. I’m not saying adults aren’t phone addicts cause I know some adults who are always on their phones but I think this happens more often among teens. Cause we rule da freaking world!!

*By the way, the featured image is actually a picture of me taking a picture of my hand holding my phone with another camera. Yup… It took me some to take the pic*

Let the confessions begin!

  1. We always bring or phone everywhere we go: We bring it to school (well in my case I don’t cause my parents don’t allow me), to go for a walk, to a restaurant, to our friend’s house, to a school trip, our neighbor’s house, the beach, the graveyard, the hospital, the pool, even to the bathroom! Admit it, you check your notifications and messages in the bathroom too sometimes!
  2. We use it no matter where we are and no matter who we are with: We can be talking to our parents, our grandparents, the police, a teacher, a celeb, the Mayor, the President… We use our phone whilst talking to anyone!!! It could be your crush and the love of your life and still ignore them being on your phone. You can even cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend with your phone.
  3. We assign your phone a name: You know when you have a child you have to think about a name to call them? Well your phone also needs a name. My phone’s name is Darren, no kidding. Every time I’m  looking for our phone, I’m like: Hey Darren! Where are you? I ask my parents: Hey, have you seen Darren? I think I lost him! Also when it’s battery dies, I’m like: Darren!!! No! Why? Please stay with me!! Don’t leave me!!! Don’t act like you don’t like that to your phone!
  4. We use it when we’re bored: When I’m bored at my friends’ house and we got nothing to talk about, we just go on our phones. That’s what we do. Adults do it too, the other day I saw like 10 teachers all together and they we all on their phones without talking to each other. #RoleModels
  5. We need Wi-Fi to stay alive: Ok this may sound a little like your science class when your teacher tells you that living beings need oxygen and organic matter to stay alive. But this is a real struggle, we need Wi-Fi all the time to be in contact with the world!!! Don’t act like you don’t ask for the Wi-Fi password whenever you go to a bar, restaurant or hotel.
  6. Battery is extremely important: When our phone dies, about 5% of the cells that make up our heart die. We get brokenhearted! We feel like our phone just got over us! We need to feed it if we want it to work! Without our phone we’re just simple primitive human beings without any aspirations in life!
  7. We’re super desperate about social media: We refresh our notification page to check if there’s any notifications! Interaction! We feed from it! We want people to notice us! We don’t wanna be just a no one in the internet!
  8. Siri is our partner: If you have a phone, chances are you have talked to Siri at some point. We always want to talk to her when we’re bored. We ask her to tell us jokes when we’re sad, we tell her we love her everyday!! Every time someone asks to go somewhere, we ask Siri if our agenda is too full that day!
  9. We text for no reason: When we’re with our friends, we’re all on the phone and we see they’re all texting someone, we feel the need to text someone too. Even if that person isn’t available, even if they’re not online, if they don’t like you, you talk to them!! You don’t want to feel socially awkward on the phone! You are cool!!!
  10. We use it to avoid awkward situations: We can be walking down the street and we could have seen someone we don’t like. What do you do to act like you can’t see them? You grab your phone!! You could have seen your crush and you don’t want to look not busy with something. Act like you’re busy! You got plans! You’re cool af!!!

So this was my list of confessions of a phone addict! Is there anything I missed? Anything you do too? Anything else you do? Anything you don’t do? Are you addicted to your phone? Do you know anyone like this? I’m sorry if this looks like an interrogation, I just want to get to know you guys!

*I hope these confessions make us not be on our phone that much time. We should spend time doing more important things in my opinion. Phones are killing our brain cells, we gotta do something!*

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I also hope you’re having a great day so far and see you next time guys, probably tomorrow! *I got no social life* Nah just kidding, see you next time!!!


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44 thoughts on “Confessions of a Teen Phone Addict

  1. I do like 80% of these…I don’t have a name for my phone. Or my laptop. I’m not one for naming inanimate objects, really. I tried to name my mini-fridge once, but the name never stuck.

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  2. This is so true — I can totally relate to this!!! I have done A LOT of these things. This was a super fun post to read too. 😛 Confession 11: Most of us addicts have gotten in trouble for using our phone some time or another, either by parents or teachers. Whoops /:

    Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Exactly. The thing is my phone has like NO room on it so it has like 0 apps, 20 songs, and 60 pictures and that is it. So there is nothing I can do with it except for listen to my 20 songs. And text my bestie of course.

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  4. Ugh, I identify with this so much. My phone is pretty much always in my hand (even as I’m typing this it’s sat next to me on my chair, distracting me by buzzing every ten seconds). I legit think it’s giving me repetitive strain injury!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I can relate to almost everything from that list. Maybe besides the names for phones and laptops. I also get panic attacks when i don’t know where my phone is! That probably sums it all up and shows how addicted i am😃
    xx, KB

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