What’s Beauty? (No Philosophy)

Whats Beauty (no philosophy)


Today I’m going to talk about something I’ve been wanting to talk about for months in this blog. It is something which isn’t really important to me but something that I’m kinda curious what it is. Yup…Beauty! 

So I’m not gonna tell you exactly what it is cause I ain’t no dictionary, I ain’t no philosopher and I ain’t no smart person. I’m just gonna talk a little bit about the topic and give you my opinion about what I think beauty is.

In my opinion, beauty doesn’t exist. So many people have so many definitions of beauty and what they think is beauty that I don’t think anyone sees it the same way. Because beauty isn’t a physical thing *and I know what that sounded like, lemme just explain my point* because you can’t see it. You know it exists because people talk about it but you can’t see it. It’s like a concept, an opinion about something.

Also, people don’t see beauty the same way. You can be walking down the street with a friend of yours, see someone and tell your friend: Hey look at that woman, she’s very pretty! And your friend may not agree and say: Nah, I think the woman who walked past us 5 minutes ago was prettier. Life is so complicated! Even that is complicated! Agreeing with someone is harder than lifting 50 kg oh my gosh!

*Now that I think about it, I don’t really like this topic. It’s stupid! But I already wrote 4 paragraphs…meh, let’s just keep writing*

I think also beauty is in the eye of the beholder as some people say, even if the beholder has a terrible taste for beauty. Just kidding! Everybody is free to have an opinion, if everybody thought the same, we would all the dead. But all I’m saying is, beauty is completely different for everyone. *I’m kinda scared right now that you aren’t understanding me*

People say that true beauty is in the inside. I’m not a corny person and I really think that sounds stupid. But it’s true af. Because you know when you see someone pretty, then you get to know them but they’re a pain in the butt and you feel like they got uglier? And also when you meet someone ugly, then you realize how nice they are and you feel like they’re getting prettier? #TrueStory *Yeah, I’ve experienced both of the two, just go to school and you’ll find out* Well I think that’s a good example. That’s why people tell you to not judge a book by its cover, whether for good or for bad.

Because believe it or not, that’s how I started liking my crush (the hot teacher), I don’t like the typical hot guy. I like nice people! And he’s a nice person! I liked his personality, he’s nice to everyone, he’s generous, polite… the typical super cute guy! I didn’t even think he was handsome until I actually developed a crush on him. That’s when I started thinking: Dude, is it just me or you’re getting a lot cuter as days go by? #CruhesChangeYourLife

But it’s not even important at all. All that matters is being a good person, why do you wanna be beautiful? Any good reason? Nope! Of course looking good isn’t bad but idk, it’s not THAT important. Like, why would you wanna be beautiful if you can be unhappy in life? Why would you wanna be beautiful if you were already rich? You’re gonna have a good/bad life no matter if your beautiful or not and idk if this sentence sounds very negative and upsetting but it’s true! #HarshReality Deal with it! *I’m sorry, please like this post* 😮 🙏

Just be nice to people, that’ll make you pretty! And if you’re already pretty, then it’ll make you even prettier! If you’re mean, that’ll make you uglier! Trust me!

So this was all I had to say about beauty! What do you you think beauty is? Whatcha like in a person? Tell me bruh, I’d like to know!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I just hope I didn’t go too deep cause I don’t really like deep stuff. #SorryNotSorry Nah just kidding! I hope you’re having a great day and see you very soon!


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32 thoughts on “What’s Beauty? (No Philosophy)

  1. That’s quite funny, I searched “philosophy” and I ended up at your post. You say you’re not a philosopher but clearly you are; a philosopher is someone who searches for the truth. Your argument “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a fundamental truth and shows the signs of a philosophical mind. I encourage you to explore abstract concepts like this deeper, it’s very interesting and you learn alot!

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  2. Your writing style really arrests the reader, couldn’t leave. It’s so full of life! Like tbh, it is. Yeah, you captured deep thoughts with really simple words. That takes some doing, really. I’d like to hear(or read) your thoughts on my post, I really think what you say will be interesting IDK why lol.


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  3. True that beauty lies in the beholder but big masterpieces are recognised universally as beautiful (Mozart, Rembrandt etc..), maybe they are not my style of art but I can’t say they are not beautiful. So there is something objective in beauty

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  4. I agree that beauty exists inside of all
    but what is it ?
    I mean how can someone really show or define the beauty inside?
    just by being nice is not enough
    if beauty is in our possession why not use it ,,,, but
    my question is how much can one know of such belonging ?

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    • Yeah, never thought of it like that, what is it really?
      I think beauty is about opinion, someone may be beauty for you and not for the rest. I think it’s the same in the inside. I think it’s how you see someone and what that person means to you I think. XD

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      • Oh yeah, well I think could be also like a friend of yours who’s not pretty but your perception changes as you see they’re a really good person. XD
        And oh yeah, it’s true! I think self awareness is very important!! XD

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    • Thank you so much! XD And I don’t know, some people tend to see other more beautiful when they’re nice. Not like, GORGEOUS but just a little more beautiful, idk
      Maybe you don’t feel that way, not everyone sees people more beautiful because they’re nice, I guess it depends.

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      • Many a times if nobody showed you niceness earlier, you would find it attractive. Generally, it appears to me that the more newer the quality the person in front of you possess, the more you like them. But I agree, all these are perceptions, depending on person to person.

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