Pros and Cons of Being a FanGirl



Today I was thinking about making a Pros and Cons post but I had no idea what about. I was like: I got no ideas! So then I came to the conclusion; Fangirl Pros and Cons! My mind is insanely incredible. *Nah, I’m lame as hell*

But first of all, Maybe this sounds like a denial but I am not a fangirl. I was a fangirl 4 years ago as I had a (sorta deep) celeb crush, I won’t deny it cause it’s stupid. So I know the things we fangirls do and ho we feel about whatever we’re fangirling about *is that word even a verb? never mind* so I understand how you feel girls! Wait, I wonder: Do boys fangirl too? Maybe. If you’re a boy and you fangirl too, please lemme know cause I’m curious and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. #Respect

So I made a List of the Pros and Cons of Being a Fangirl for you guys, I hope you enjoy:


  • We’re proud of our crush: And we’re constantly happy about everything they do and achieve. We’re just useless non famous single people obsessed with someone we don’t know but we’re proud of our (hipotetical) bae!
  • We are cool: How many times have you heard of fangirl squads? We’re freaking cool and trendy! Fangirling is so popular, if you ain’t a fangirl, you ain’t a girl!
  • We’re good people: We’re constantly happy everytime our crush eats a sandwich cause we make sure they got something to eat. We worry about them, when we see a picture of them with a sad face, we suffer with them! They ain’t alone! We support them!
  • We don’t like just someone: It’s a celeb like: Hello! My crush ain’t a normal crush!
  • We defend them to death: Every time someone says our celeb crush ain’t the prettiest and most wonderful person in the world, we turn into killer robot mode. We slay that person. Who dares say our crush isn’t perfect! They must die!


  • We sometimes cry: And by that I mean all the time.
  • We obsess a little too much: Over anyone, an actor, a singer, rapper, hip-hop dancer… we got no limits! We stalk them on social media, we never miss an interview, song, episode of their series…Nothing!
  • We overthink everything they do: Every time we see a picture of them eating we overthink that we are meant to be like: Omg I eat too! And it annoys me so much the number of times I’ve done this… argh cut!
  • We’re constantly sappy: *If you don’t know the meaning of this word for some reason then you’re dead, just kidding*  Every time we see them, the people around us begin to think we got mental issues. We become bipolar! We’re first happy that we see them and then become sad because we ain’t know them.
  • Our life is super hard: You know how hard it is to keep being updated about everything our celeb crush does?! It’s super stressful! Fangirling is a full time job! We need to like every single tweet and insta pic they throw out in the internet.

It’s cool to have a celeb crush but it can be really hard. If you’ve ever had a celebrity crush, chances are you might have dealt with some of these things. Fangirling is hard work, I’m proud of us! #FangirlPower

Hey! Are you a fangirl? Have you ever been a fangirl? Do you know any fangirl? Can you relate to any of these things? Share your thoughts on this with me! I won’t tell anyone!


Btw I made a youtube video where I turned myself into an Egirl in case you want to check it out 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this post cause I really enjoyed writing it. It reminds me of my fangirl years. Good times! *I sound like an old person but anyway* See you next time!


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25 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Being a FanGirl

  1. First comment go me xD (sorry my inner child appeared)

    I don’t think I’ve ever been a fangirl…sure I’ve had my OMG wow moments but then like a few seconds later I’m like meh

    Who did you fangirl over?

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  2. all the cons are sort of pros for me except the last one lol
    I literally used to be unemotional unless it came to books until last year

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  3. Most teenagers have the faze through life. I’ve had a few fangirl times but then when I got older and I heard things about people I like I’m like I use to like them what an idiot or really why they coming back to the limelight.

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  4. I have become a fan of your writing in the last 12 hrs, you are damn too good at it! Making people relate with what you write, is somesort of Positivity and Awesome thought processes. You blend them really well in your posts. Now this one is probably the third appreciation comment that I am posting, but Believe me you deserve it to its fullest!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!!! XD Like you don’t know how much that means to me!!! XD I’m super happy you like my blog!! XD You’re amazing, thank you!! Your comment made my day!!!! XD


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