My First Shopping Haul!


I can’t believe it’s July already! Like last week we were celebrating New Year and now we’re starting the second half of this year! They say we feel like time goes faster as we age but it still goes really fast being a teenager, I can’t imagine time speed when I turn 80! 

Anyway, yesterday I went shopping with my parents because it was the first SALES day in Spain. And lemme just say there wasn’t as much people at the Mall as I expected cause these days Malls are super busy. It was nice to have one calm sales day for once.

Obviously I bought stuff. So today I thought it would be a good idea to share the stuff I bought with you. *I know you don’t care about what I bought but I didn’t buy much so don’t worry, this ain’t gonna be long* Also this is the first shopping haul post I’ve published and I hope to make more of these every once in a while.*Not that often but yeah*

So without further ado let’s begin:

DISCLAIMER: Not bragging. I guess that’s all I have to say, I’m just sharing this with you guys. If I was bragging I would tell you where I bought this stuff and its price, and I wouldn’t tell you sales started. I just thought it would be a good idea to make a shopping haul sometime because I saw couple of people who do them and people seem to enjoy it, idk.

First I bought some really cool light pink jeans. *It’s not that I like pink that much, I don’t have many pink clothes but I like variety*

CIMG2158I just think they’re so cool because they also have that really cool kinda thing at the bottom and it gives it a really good look! *I’m sorry, I can’t explain myself really well, but you know what I mean*

CIMG2159I also bought some really dope kinda covers more less the same color and they’re super cool! Also the color is super similar I can barely tell the difference, can you? I can’t. My parents saw the difference but I couldn’t. That’s why I wear glasses.


What I also like about these sneakers is that they have a zipper to make it easier to put them on and that you don’t have to tie them up every time you’re putting them on. I don’t know if it’s because I’m lazy but I always like things that are easy to put on and take off. I don’t know, I like also comfortable stuff, I don’t think I’m gonna wear high heels when I grow up *also because I don’t like them*

CIMG2162I think I’ve never bought so many pink things in a row. Personal record! I just think that combination looks really cool and also good for summer, you know. Looks good! *This is probably the girlyest I will ever look (is girlyest even a word?)*

Also I bought these computer key erasers which I think are super original. Honestly, who had this great idea?

CIMG2166So this was my first shopping haul post, I hope you liked it!

What are you up to today guys? What have you been doing? Have sales begun where you live? Have you bought something recently? Seriously, why do I always make so many questions? I sound like some kinda pedophile asking kids where they live and stuff.

I hope you guys have a great day and see you next time!


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12 thoughts on “My First Shopping Haul!

  1. Girlyest is a word in the uk. So cute wish they had cute stuff like they have now when I was a teenager. To be honest this was between 2000-2010 so yeah it explains how things change over time.

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