My Summer Music Playlist

My Summer Music PlaylistHI GUYS!

How are ya’ll today? It’s been a while! *actually just 2 days since I posted for the last time* Anyway, today I decided to share with you my current playlist for summer!!!!! Cause we all have those songs we’re currently feeling, specially in summer (unless you’re like me and you feel’em more in winter).

You know what? For loving music so much, I think I don’t make these lists that often. I should make more! Yeah I’ll think about it, like a playlist post every season, I don’t know…

So here I am with the songs I’m currently liking that are on my summer playlist:


  1. This is what you cam for – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna
  2. Me too – Meghan Trainor
  3. Unstoppable – Sia
  4. Daddy – Psy
  5. Gwen Stefani – Make Me Like You
  6. Pull Up – Jason Derulo
  7. Do it Right – Martin Solveig
  8. Bird Set Free – Sia
  9. Getting Over You – David Guetta ft. LMFAO and Fergie
  10. I Mean It – G-Eazy
  11. Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl
  12. Final Song – MØ
  13. Me, Myself & I – G-Eazy ft. Bebe Rexha
  14. Hey Baby – Pitbull
  15. Faded – Alan Walker
  16. New Thang – Refoo
  17. Bangarang – Skrillex
  18. Sax – Fleur East
  19. Team – Iggy Azalea
  20. I Took a Pill in Ibiza – Mike Ponser

I highly recommend you to to listen to those songs if you haven’talready, they’re great! You know I like good beat so most of them are great to dance when you’re at home with a speaker and you just wanna dance.

Do you know any of these songs? I think they’re really cool. What’s your music playlist? I wanna know cause I love music!

MINI RANT: *I decided to rant a little bit, you can skip this part if you want* So you know I’m in summer vacation since last week and of course I don’t see my teacher crush. Well teachers are still working until next week, I think. So today me and my parents went to high school to enroll me in school (we have to do that every year, idk why but yeah, for me it’s just an excuse to see him) So I saw him after 1 week of not seeing him, I was going crazy, lemme say I felt SO good, like; I only saw him few seconds but it was more than enough for me. Cause seriously, I didn’t think about him THAT much in holidays during day but I dreamed of him every single night since summer vacation started, not kidding. My subconscious is gettin’ crazy! And there’s still almost 3 beautiful months until school starts again… *sigh* I need serious help.

So that was all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post and hope you like these songs cause they’re great in my opinion, I’m listening to them right now as I’m writing! Hope you’re having an amazing week so far!


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16 thoughts on “My Summer Music Playlist

  1. Loved the playlist! We listen to about 2/3 of the same music, so I might look at the other ones you had!!

    And, truly, don’t worry. “Crushes” come and go, and I see that you’re very hung up on him, but try to let him go. It’s in your best interest! As your blogger friend, I tried to help, but it’s really something for YOU to do. Good luck and keep us posted! If you need anything I’m right here. 🙂


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  2. Number one is on my list too!!!!! Oh and Sia’s Unstoppable and Bird set free!!💃🏽💃🏽❤️❤️
    Wonderful playlist you have there!!

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