Reasons to Go for a Walk

Reasons to go for a Walk (2)HI GUYS!

How are you all doing? I hope you’re doing great! I’m doing great so you should too! So yesterday I went for a walk with my parents and I just love walking around town!! I should call it a hobby or something, I don’t know… Like what’s your fav hobby? Well going for a walk, you know… Maybe, I don’t know if that’s weird.

So today I’m gonna share with you the reasons why you should go for a walk every once in a while!

BECAUSE IT’S HEALTHY: Walking around isn’t unhealthy unlike eating chocolate or stuff like that. Maybe it isn’t as tiring as working out but it’s kind of a little exercise. I mean, walking is healthy unless I don’t know… the pollution in your town is high for instance… I don’t know… I you’re like me and you don’t wanna work out ever just at least go for a walk.

BECAUSE IT’S RELAXING: Every time I go for a walk and I go back home, I feel like the world is a giant bubble gum. Sometimes when I’m dealing with exams, just after studying I usually go for a walk to let the stress out, you know? And it really works! Also if you put on headphones and listen to music, feels really good! You feel 5 years younger!

BECAUSE IT’S GOOD FOR MEDITATION: I always think about stuff when I go for a walk *well that sounds stupid, everybody does* and you know, it feels good. I like to think in peace as I’m walking, I’m one of those people who think better while walking. That’s probably why I walk in circles every time I study.I don’t know, it’s like a habit that I have.

BECAUSE YOU CAN GO ALONE/WITH SOMEONE: It’s free! You can go on your own and think about stuff or just be with another person and chat with them while walking, I really like that too. Sometimes I go with my friends and sometimes with my parents and I really enjoy it!

BECAUSE YOU CAN TAKE PICTURES AROUND: I usually do that when I’m with my parents and we bring our cameras to take pictures. Most of the times I post them in here as you know. Well, if the landscape in your town is cool, if it’s not then… I don’t know, you take selfies?

So that was all for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed the reasons why you should go for a walk! I’m pretty sure there’s more reasons cause they could be endless. I think this post was a little short…meh I’ll make a longer one next time.

Are there any other reasons why you go for a walk? Do you like walking? Maybe I should make a part two sometime. I hope you have a great day and a great week!


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15 thoughts on “Reasons to Go for a Walk

  1. Ooh loved this post, it was very cute. There’s this app called Walkr which encourages you to walk through the means of a game. It’s really cool, you should check it out, unless you have already!


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  2. THIS is why I need to go on walks more often! I just think it’s so healthy and relaxing – like you said. It’s good for mental health and physical health, which is always a bonus.

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  3. I think walking with a great company is how it should be 🙂 You know like chit chatting, laughing etc. Legit fun☺️ So benefits from walking too! I loved this post💕 My new hobby is blogging! I just entered this world and im excited and nervous? at the same time😁 I just posted my first blog post as well… I hope all goes alright

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