My Holidays So Far


How are ya peeps? I hope you’re doing great! Today I decided to make a little rant post because I think I haven’t ranted in a while in this blog. Because a lot of things have happened since my holidays started.

*Actually my holidays started only 2 weeks ago but for me it’s a month already*

So as I’ve already said, my holidays started 2 weeks ago and school doesn’t start until September. It’s a long time in my opinion. I’ve always wanted more until this year that I’m not going on holidays so this summer is passing by a lot slower. I mean, I like not going anywhere this year so I can spend more time at home on my computer every time I want and not having to ask for the wifi password every time I go somewhere.

It’s a different summer, I’m gonna say.

So this week I’ve hung out with my friends twice and I’ve had a lot of fun. We also have some plans that I’ll share with you guys later. Usually I don’t see my friends in summer because I’m always on holiday, but I think it’s good to hang out with them in summer and catch up. Because not seeing my friends in 3 months and then seeing them the first day of school like: Mmm, hey. Wassup? Idk, it’s kinda awkward sometimes. *Me and my friends are not very… how to say it? Expressive with each other, but we still love each other*

Also me and my friends are planning to go to the beach together someday. And you know that’s an excuse to take pics of the day! I ain’t gonna post their faces, I’m not that stupid but at least I’ll post pics of the landscape, the sly and all that stuff!

Also I have this weird thing that is happening. I don’t know what it means, I don’t know if it’s normal… But since summer vacation started, I’ve dreamed with my crush every single night. Like every night I would dream of being in class and see my crush explaining something. Like it’s not always the same dream, but I’ve been dreaming of this teacher every single night for 15 nights! One day I meet him at the grocery store, one day he’s explaining in class, one day I’m doing an exam in his class… Why does this happen?

The funniest thing is that I don’t even think that much about him during the day! Like I don’t even miss him during day but I see him in my dreams every night! When is this gonna stop? My subconscious is getting crazy!! Like am I gonna dream of him every night on holidays, FOR 3 FLIPPING MONTHS? Like stop messing with my brain!!

I think I’ve already said this like 2 posts ago but it is really scaring me, like what?

Perhaps he’s my crush. But you know how awkward it feels to dream of your teacher? Even if he’s your crush and you’re in class paying attention to him (In the dream, I mean). It’s flipping awkward! He’s still my teacher! Like get out of my mind! Like do I miss him now? At first yes, but now that I dream of him all the time, then no! I think I’ve had enough of this guy for now.

What I’m also worried about is if he’s gonna be my teacher next year, cause I really hope so. I know I’m weird but what can I do?

Also, my parents told me that my auntie and uncle are probably coming to visit us on September for a week or so. XD #Family

Also I’ve gone for a walk everyday with my parents since holidays started. As you know I love going for a walk to different places. Cause you know, the weather in summer is super good and you can go for a walk at 20:00 pm and it’s still daytime!! It’s crazy!! That’s one of the few things I like about summer, cause I genuinely prefer winter. Idk, maybe it’s because of Christmas or idk but I love winter way more!

So I guess this was everything for now, I hope you didn’t get bored with my boring life. How’s your life going? Are you going on holidays? Do you hang out with your friends during summer? I hope ya’ll have a great day!!!


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20 thoughts on “My Holidays So Far

  1. I have been having the ‘crush comes in different situations’ dreams from about 2 years. First I thought that they came because I thought about him sometimes but then I became concerned when I didn’t think of him and still he came. I don’t know if it is normal or not, but I just want you to know it happens. At least it happened with me.

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    • Omg I’m glad it didn’t just happen me!!! We ain’t alone!! XD And from 2 years?? And I thoughts 2 weeks was a long time!! WOW that’s long! XD
      At least they’re just dreams!! XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah. Actually I have this crush from 4 years. It’s weird when you say It out loud but I have a crush on him from that long. And so it was weird for me in the first few week but then I got used to It and then as you say “they’re just dreams” so yeah.

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      • Oh really? I have this crush from 1 year and months ago. And yeah I freak out too, also in the morning when I find out they’re just dreams. But I also freaked out I dreamed of him, again!?!? But now I’m used to it, kind of. XD


  2. dreams can tell you a lot about your subconscious so pay attention to the other factors in your dreams. I know I’ve had dreams of people i thought i didn’t like and then ended up liking them. It’s like your brain knows nothing could ever come of it in real life as he is your teacher and is trying to compensate with your dreams. As for liking your teacher the harsh reality is you need to get over him because it will probably never happen and if it does – well that’s just a train wreck waiting to happen. Also how old are you? I’m 16

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah sometimes I’ve dreamed of people I didn’t even like and ended up liking them. Subconscious is really smart!! And yeah I need to get over him cause cause that is never going to happen. Also, you’re 16? I’m 13!

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