Why Don’t People Like Glasses?


Yo what’s shaking bloggers, readers, kids, teens, whatevs..? Today I was thinking about all those times people have annoyed me about wearing glasses which is totally cool! *I mean, wearing glasses is cool* Today’s post will be about questions why people don’t like glasses. Yeah you heard well, they’re questions, not answers.

Seriously, some people refuse to wear glasses for no reason! Maybe they have some reasons but I guess they ain’t good ones. Some of my friends, classmates and EVEN teachers refuse to wear glasses!!! Like why? Do you loose your IQ for just wearing glasses? They prefer loosing their vision than using some mother effing glasses!!! It annoys me so much because they make us (people who wear glasses) feel kinda like awkward about wear glasses which shouldn’t happen!

DISCLAIMER: I like wearing glasses. No, I love wearing glasses. Like, few months ago, I changed my glasses cause also my vision got a LITTLE worse. #BlurredLines And I’m insanely in love with them!!! With this post, I’m tryna encourage people to wear glasses and not feel bad about wearing them. People should be proud to wear glasses! Cause that’s us and that’s our vision and our eyes and such is life. And some of us live it completely happily with glasses!!!

So here are my questions why people don’t like wearing glasses:

BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY MAKE YOU UGLY? Some people consider other people who wear glasses ugly. Glasses ain’t make people ugly! What on earth makes you think such a stupid thing! Why do you think the’re different types of glasses! You choose whatever the eff dresses your face better!! Glasses ain’t made to make people pretty, they’re effing made to make you see in FULL HD!!

BECAUSE THEY MAKE YOU LOOK NERDY? Most of the nerds in my school ain’t wear glasses. Normal people like me do. Why do people classify people with glasses like nerds. But I’m here to solve your doubts, don’t worry people: Glasses don’t change your personality and turn you into a nerd. That only happens in cartoons.

BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO COOL FOR GLASSES? When is someone too cool to have some good effing vision? Let’s see it that way. Now you don’t think the same, huh? What did you think glasses were for? For fun? Some people (thank god, not my case) ain’t see a thing without them!! Do ya think I wear glasses cause I’m a nerd?

BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANNA SEE? God… who thinks that? Like: Yo dude, I ain’t wearing effing glasses cause I ain’t like seeing well dude… psh! If you’re like that, you ain’t have a brain.

BECAUSE YOU LOOSE YOUR PRIDE OR REPUTATION? What are your arguments? You think your parents are gonna disinherit you cause you’re wearing glasses? You think your reputation is gonna disappear by wearing glasses? Your friends are not talking to you anymore by wearing glasses?

Also, why do people love sunglasses but hate normal glasses? Like you wear sunglasses even at night, but you’re too cool for normal glasses? In what kind of universe does that make sense? If you need some effing glasses, then put on some effing glasses!!

Wear glasses if you need them. Ain’t nobody gonna thin you’re uglier just cause you’re wearing glasses *cause nobody cares if you looks uglier* so don’t be afraid of wearing glasses. It’s for your good! For your sight’s sake. *have I just invented an expression?*

Well guys, I hope this wasn’t too offensive cause that isn’t my intention believe it or not. Do you wear glasses? Do you like wearing glasses? Does it annoy you that people judge you by wearing glasses? ‘Nuff said, hope you liked this post and hope you have a great day!!


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42 thoughts on “Why Don’t People Like Glasses?

  1. I love wearing my glasses and it annoys me when people choose not to wear their own because of the reasons you mentioned! My glasses feel like a part of me and I don’t feel right without them. I just don’t get why people think making your vision worse is better than wearing glasses!?

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    • I love wearing glasses too!! Yeah I feel incomplete when I’m not wearing my glasses! And yeah, why make your vision worse when you can wear glasses? I don’t get it either!
      I’m so glad you agree! Also I’m glas someone else is happy about wearing glasses! XD XD

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  2. I love my glasses so much because I love how they look. They kind of feel like they’re an important part of who I am. Also yeah I agree with everything you said in this post

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  3. lol so true, it pisses me off so fuckin much when people say they have glasses but they don’t wanan wear them, or they need glasses but they don’t wanna get them. like exsqueeze me, but tbh i just wanna ask them why aren’t they grateful for the opportunity?! like you said in your post, glasses are for your frickin eyesight. some people cannot see and can’t fix it and here these people are complaining that glasses aren’t pretty enough -_- also when people say i look good without glasses. i know they think it’s a compliment but when you think about it… XD

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    • Yeah I have a lot of friends who “lost their glasses” after not even a month of wearing them. Like what? Your parents are paying for them and you ain’t wearing them?!
      And yeah, people also say I look good with glasses, is that a compliment??!!
      And yeah, how many blind people would love to wear glasses?? These people annoy me so much!!

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  4. Personally I LOVE glasses and I’m really sad I don’t have them. I really love the circular rim ones, they’re just so cute! I know a lot of people who don’t wear their glasses – I mean if you’re not going to wear them, can I have them?

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  5. I’ve grown to love glasses. Tbh initially I thought they didn’t suit me. Then I fell in love with big frames since it allowed me to see at every angle. I just hate it when I hate to go to the optician to tighten my frame cause they keep sliding off my nose.

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  6. I wear glasses and contacts. I feel a lot more confident in my contacts but that’s just me but I don’t think glasses genuinely suit me but I really like having the choice everyday to what I’m going to wear. I really wish I suited glasses but I know so many people who rock glasses and I will forever wish to suit them 🙂

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  7. I wear contact lenses simply because i find them more comfortable, i have a small face and i feel like glasses are just uncomfortable to wear. Also my glasses aren’t very good quality because I couldn’t afford them and my dad pays for contact lenses. If I’m doing some kind of sport i can still see whislt moving around wihtout worrying about glasses falling off or getting broken, i like the fact i can see without a frame in the way. And yes- or some odd reason i feel like i look worse wearing them and am self conscious. I shouldnt be but thats just the way it is

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    • Yeah it’s fine to wear contacts too! I’ve never worn them cause I think I’m too clumsy to deal with them and also I’m kinda afraid to hurt my eye XD XD As long as you use them, it’s great!!
      And yup, I guess contacts are more comfortable when it comes to doing sport and all that. Every time I’m in sports in school I’m always having trouble cause I ain’t see well without glasses, haha!!! XD XD

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  8. I have bad eyesight and I am too chicken to get lasik. I must wear glasses. There are times that I like it (truthfully), when I’m wearing jeans, white shirt, white sneakers… black framed ones… but when @ home, you need to watch tv or read, it’s just so uncomfortable esp. if you’re in bed! Then I am super Asian with an Asian “nose” hehehe, it’s just hard to get good frames that fit my face 🙂 and I love wearing eye makeup, eyeglasses mess the whole aura for me, my friends would tell me there are ways to put eye makeup for those who wear glasses but then it all boils down to my Asian nose that makes the frame not elevated enough to get the makeup visible enough 😀 So in parties and meetings, I wear contacts — the thing my ophthalmologist hate so much…

    So it’s vanity and comfort vs. eyeglasses

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    • Yeah I’m too chicken to do that too! Don’t worry! XD
      Hahaha, glasses don’t fit one of my friend’s nose, I think I understand. Also, I’ve never thought about it because I’m too young to wear makeup but how do people with glasses wear makeup? Do people notice they’re wearing it?
      And yup, contacts are also a great idea!! XD XD

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  9. I wear glasses as well! I find them very stylish and important, I really appreciate the presence of this gal. Would do anything for great vision! Anyone else?

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  10. Hi, I just wanted to drop by and say that your obvious passion for the things you write about gives your blog that special something that has made me want to stay! You’ve got yourself a new follower. See you around!

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  11. Totally going to follow your blog, your personality really shines through! I love my glasses. Honestly I cant stand it when I have to blink all the time when Im wearing contacts because my eyes are so dry. The only problem is that Im asian and the glasses always slide down, when Im sweating, it falls off!

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    • Thank you so much!! That means a lot!!! XD XD And yeah me too!! XD And I can imagine, that’s why I don’t wear contacts hehe. Oh and yeah, that’s a problem. :/ Anyways, you have your contacts!!! XD XD

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