My Guilty Pleasures List


How are you? In today’s post I’ll be telling you my guilty pleasures list! But don’t worry, they’re just stupid things like sugar so don’t get scared, you know I’d never traumatize you!! Cause how can a 13 year old teen traumatize someone even? Unless it’s a scary movie actress which I’m not.

Enough of the nonsense cause I’m changing the subject! It’s time to share with you 5 things on my current guilty pleasures list! So hope you enjoy! Cause admit it, we all have guilty pleasures, don’t act like you’ve never peed in a pool or in the shower *sorry for the gross info but we all do it*.

My Guilty Pleasures List:

  1. JUNK FOOD: I love it! Pizza, Burgers, Fries, Chips, Chocolate… I eat it a lot!! I don’t remember a weekend I haven’t eaten pizza or burgers with chips. I know I shouldn’t (also cause I don’t work out) but as long as I don’t gain weight, I’ll be eating junk food!! Because who eats salad? That ain’t fill your stomach!!
  2. COFFEE WITH TOO MUCH SUGAR: That should be a crime. A lot of people put just one or two spoons in their coffee but that’s nothing, it doesn’t even feel like you’ve put sugar in it!! I put so much sugar in my coffee that it doesn’t even taste like coffee anymore. I know that’s not ok but yeah, I don’t like bitter drinks.
  3. WATCHING YOUTUBE INSTEAD OF DOING HOMEWORK: AKA procrastination. I don’t remember the last time I did math Spanish homework without watching YouTube (or any other subject). This is my routine! I end up finishing homework 2 hours later than I should but anyway. But I like watching YouTube knowing I must be doing something else instead in someway.
  4. FARTING: It just feels so good once you fart! I know it sounds awful but don’t act like you’ve never felt like a king when your stomach has been hurting for ages and then you just let it out!!! I’m not proud to say this but even in public places. But don’t get me wrong, I always make sure there’s no one around.
  5. WATCHING THE BREADWINNERS: Ok if you ain’t know who the Breadwinners are then you haven’t been born. It’s just the best TV  show ever!! And I know, I know, I know I’m too old to watch it cause it’s too silly but it’s jut so funny!! I’m loving it!! I know most of you guys are older than me but I recommend you to watch it anyway.

So these were my current guilty pleasures, of course there’re more but maybe I’ll make another post about it!! I think my guilty pleasures are too silly, a lot of people have guilty pleasures like alcohol, risk sports and stuff like that. Maybe mine is a little lame in comparison but I’m proud of it and I don’t care how stupid that sounded!!

So have you got any guilty pleasures? Do you have a guilty pleasures list? Do you do any of these things? I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!! I hope you’re also having a great week so far! See you next time!!


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10 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasures List

  1. I personally don’t have guilty pleasures because I don’t care what people think about my actions I’m almost too shameless. If it feels good to me then to hell with what others say.

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