The Handwriting Tag


How are you? So few days ago I got tagged to do The Handwriting Tag by Em from Adventures of a Lost Teen go check her out if you haven’t already!!! Thank you so much, it means a lot!! I’ve wanted to do this tag since I first heard of it, I’m so happy I got to do it!!

So let’s begin with the rules/instructions:

1. Write your name!
2. Write your blog name!
3. Write your favorite word and its definition!
4. Write something nice!
5. Write the name of your favorite song right now!
6. What’re you writing with?
7. Write a fun fact about yourself!
8. Write/draw your favorite emoticon!
9. Write a silly message!
10. Write who you’re tagging!


It was not very easy to write some of the answers, some took me a really long time, but it doesn’t matter cause I’ve already finished and also I edited the pics so you can see them a bit better *the quality wasn’t the best, sorry*.

Ok so here are my answers:

handwriting prt1

And these are my nominees:

handwriting prt2

Ok so in case you can’t see the pics very well or you can’t see ’em at all for some reason, I’ll write everything here anyway so don’t worry. I think I chose the wrong colors to write cause even I can’t see them very well, anyway… *I’m gonna write them with the same colors cause, idk cause I can*

1. My name is Anna Regina AKA Regina5000
2. My blog is Diversion3000 (
3. My fav word is cooperation *not cause I like the meaning, just cause I like to say it*: the fact of doing something together or working on something together towards a shared aim. (I took that from the dictionary)
4. If you’re reading this, give yourself a hug for me! :3
5. Without Me – Eminem 
6. I’m writing with color pens!!!
7. I was born premature (8 months inside my mom).
8. I think my fav emoticon is this one 💩 , it’s so funny and so cute!!! *hard decision btw*
9. I have a crush on my phone, his name is Darren.
10. I’m tagging these people:


Ok so that was all I think, yup I think I finished! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, now I’m gonna let everyone know I tagged them! I hope you had a lovely week and a lovely life!! See you next time!


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    • Thank you! You like my handwriting? Thank you so much (I never write like that in school, and I almost forgot to write now that I’m not in school LOL 😛 )!!! And yeah, it’s really cool! 😎

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