The Food Tag!!!

The Food TagHI GUYS!

How’s life treating you all? So I got tagged by the wonderful Sav @ The Savage Savanna to do the Food Tag!! Thank you so much Sav, you’re great!! If you for some reason don’t know his blog then, what are you doing? Do it!

He invented the tag so it’s a little different to the other food tag *because I think there was another food tag, I’ve never been nominating but I bet my feathers that there was a different one. Idk anyway* .And I like variety *mostly when it comes to blogging things*, so let’s do it!!


*copy and paste skills in use*

  • 1.Talk about food, a few ideas are: favorite(s), least favorite(s), how often you eat it and your favorite type e.g Italian, Chinese etc.
  •  There are no more because who the hell wants to be restricted by stupid rules. 

Ok because there’re few rules I guess you also have to thank the person who nominated you, which I’ve already done, tag other people and let them know you’ve tagged them too and all that…

FAVORITE FOODS: I don’t really have a favorite food in particular cause I like pretty much everything, but I mostly like things like tacos, pasta, meat, beans, fruits and vegetables, chocolate, burgers, soup, tortilla, fish, eggs, rice… I consider myself a good eater, I like almost all you give me! I think my favorite foods are the ones I eat the less and therefore get more excited when I eat them. 

LEAST FAVORITES: I think my least favorite foods would be cheese (except in pasta and pizza), onion (sorry, I just cannot stand it) and maybe garlic too. And my least favorite types of food would be salad cause that ain’t food, I always stay hungry after eating salad, I think I would be a terrible diet person. #NoToDiets and the other type of food would be spicy food, like why? Eating SLIGHTLY spicy food ONCE in a long time is ok, but I think I would never be able to always eat spicy food, it’s spicy!! The names says it!!

FAVORITE PLACES TO EAT: I don’t necessarily have a favorite place to eat. I like fast food places, I like restaurants, I like taco restaurants… Maybe it kinda depends on how their way to cook and if you like it.

WHAT DO I THINK OF MY COUNTRY’S FOOD?: I like both Mexican and Spanish food *yep, I got 2 nationalities, what now?* and I really like both, I would never choose between the two, never. I like both the same. #BestOfBothWorlds



So that was it! I’ve never thought I would talk entirely about food in a post! In my life! I guess I should make a post specially about food, that’ll be great!! Thanks again Sav for tagging me, it means a lot!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this tag as much as I enjoyed doing it, now I’m gonna tell everyone I tagged them. Hope you guys are having a lovely beautiful week and I’ll see you next time!!


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15 thoughts on “The Food Tag!!!

  1. Glad to meet someone else who loves eating almost everything~
    Just curious…what’s the difference between Mexican and Spanish food? Are they really similar or completely different?

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