Summer Sale Shopping Haul


How are you all? Hope you’re doing great! Ha, I feel weird making a normal post after 4 awards and tags hehe! 😄 So couple of days ago I went shopping with my parents and I bought couple of things I think you’d like! So today I’m gonna share them with you!! *I think I like making shopping hauls, I’ve been liking to make’em*

So the first thing I bought was a blue sweater. As some of you know, I don’t like really tight clothes because I feel uncomfortable inside them and it’s not that easy to move, that’s why I like these types of sweaters. 😍 Also I like the color, I’ve never had a blue sweater before so, yeah. *Btw, the color looks way better in real life hehe* 😛


The next thing I bought were some gold/skin color (I think) shoes and they’re just amazing!! I love them! 😍 I don’t really like gold color clothes but a little gold looks cool I think. 😎 Also I think these type of shoes with like gold at the front are kinda trending lately *at least most of my friends have’em…idk, I just liked them* 😂😂


And the last thing I bought was another sweater. But hold on, this is a striped one. It has dark blue and white stripes *which I used for this post’s image cause I thought It’ll look good*. 😍 I also like the neck because I think it’s trending too and I’ve just never liked neckline sweaters and shirts. I love this sweater!!


And these are just pics I took just cause I was bored, idk I just like taking pictures:


Let me know what you think of these clothes cause I think they’re just really cool! Also, do you like neckline? Do you like stripes? Do you like tight clothes? Do you like gold in clothes? *I’ve never thought I would ask those questions*

I hope to be making more of these type of posts cause you guys seemed to like the last one a lot!!! I hope you enjoyed reading this post *and I hope it wasn’t TMI about my shopping life, idk* and have a wonderful day!! 


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21 thoughts on “Summer Sale Shopping Haul

  1. Those clothes look like they are of highest quality for sure. Amazing finishing touches and great texture. The design on white and black sweater is great. The colors are so lively, I would love to have a dress made with same material and with stripes like that!

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