Turns Out I Can’t Cry Now


What’s shaking guys? I hope you’re all doing good! POST SPOILER: This is gonna be pure rambling, now you’re warned. So by the title of this post you may be thinking stuff like: So she can’t cry, is she a psychopath? or She’s ill and she can’t cry? and stuff like that. Well no, before you ask: No. Lemme just explain it well:

So few days before school finished, I was kinda sad that I wasn’t gonna see my friends (which I see pretty often right now, but I didn’t know it by that time) cause I was gonna miss them and other people like my annoyingly overmentioned *I think that isn’t even a word, but you get me* crush so yeah. I felt kinda sad, I felt nostalgia even before school finished. Ok that’s all over now, I’m not sad anymore cause I know I’m gonna see them again next school year, but we’re humans and we always feel that little sadness when those kinda things happen.

And I know it’s been a long time since school finished (in Spain at least, about a month ago) and I’m too late to write this right now but I don’t care, it was just so weird.

So as a good human being; I came home, closed my room’s door aaaaaand couldn’t cry. Damn! Like: what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I cry? I just wanted to drop couple of tears, why can’t I cry?

Then I thought, there must be something wrong with me. Ok so first off, I’m not a crying person.*I used to cry like everyday when I was like 9 due to fangirl issues but that’s over now* There’s a lot of people out there who cry at pretty much everything which is completely fine, but not me. I don’t cry unless something really sad happens. *I may cry twice or three times a year, idk I ain’t count how many time I cry you know?* Anyway, I was like: Ok, never mind, I’m fine! It’s all cool! But I was really surprised I couldn’t cry: Maybe I ain’t had tears cause I didn’t drink much that day. Maybe I forgot to cry *cause when was the last time I’ve cried?*. Maybe I didn’t feel THAT sad even. Idk but something’s happening.

I’m still wondering what happened that day. Just be me for a second: That very moment when you’ve been feeling down, when you just wanna vent, and you finally decide to cry, you can’t! So frustrating, right? I was like huh? Like, something should be happening right now, for once in my life I should be crying like a whimsical baby about my stupid first world problems, but no! Turns out I can’t cry now!

So what did I do? I didn’t vent, so I grabbed my iPad and googled things like: why can’t I cry? or why can’t I make myself cry? or how to cry and stuff like that.

Google says: About 32,200,000 results (0.52 seconds) But nothing effing matches what I was looking for! Anyway, I told myself: Anna, you can’t cry. Deal with it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Having repressed anger? Pssh…nah! One day you’ll cry again, I guess.

So yeah, maybe this is like a teenage stage or something and that’s why I can’t cry. Idk someday I will cry again, it’s not that I’m turning into a robot so yeah. And even thought I’ve rambled a lot in this post about wanting to cry doesn’t mean I wish to cry, cause I’m feeling really good and that nostalgia thing is over now, It’s just that willing to cry and not being able to is a little strange for me. LOL idk

One day I’ll cry again. One day.

Yo, is this just me or have you ever not been able to make yourself cry before? Are you a crying person? Are you like me and you just don’t feel like crying like… ever? Why do you think I couldn’t cry? Has this ever happened to you? Tell me in the comments, I really wanna know!! Hope you liked this post have a great day!


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19 thoughts on “Turns Out I Can’t Cry Now

  1. When I cry it’s because there has been an explosion of thoughts I can’t cope with in my brain. And then it takes ages to stop and I go around feeling all down and numb. Otherwise I’m the let’s go isolate myself from society girl when I’m sad.

    You don’t need to cry to express sadness. You can just realise you’re sad and look to see what you can do about it. It’s okay, don’t worry. You might have just run out of tears and witness a waterfall next time you’re sad

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  2. I’ve been in the same situation for ages now! During exam season, I was really, really stressed out and I constantly felt on the edge of tears but I just couldn’t cry!? I wanted to cry because I thought it would relieve all the stress but it never happened. Then I left school for summer (I’ll be going to college in September) and although I was sad, I still couldn’t cry. Now I’m stressing about starting college and all the stuff I need to do over summer but I still can’t cry and it’s frustrating!! Maybe it is something to do with teenage hormones, idk, but either way you’re not alone!

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    • Really? Thank god I’m not the only one! XD And yeah, sometimes you feel like crying during exam season, that happened me sometime.
      I may be not going to college until some years but yeah I guess it’s kinda stressful. And yeah, it probably has to do with teenage hormones. XD
      Your comment made me happy! I’m glad I’m not alone! XD XD

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  3. I used to cry a lot, especially in gym, but now that girls and boys are separated in gym it’s better. I only cry watching sad scenes in anime and then I pretend that I didn’t cry because I press a towel or something to my eyes (tissues aren’t sufficient enough) xDDD

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  4. Hey. First of all i totally understand. I cant cry too. But after the first time when i got to know i cant cry i realised nothing is wrong with me and neither anything is not wrong with not being able to cry. Its just that some people have a great great quality of not showing emotions. We know how to conceal it inside us. I was very angry one day and i though what better way to get it out other that cry? But i couldn’t because that wasn’t it. Letting it all out meant that i gave up on that problem. I wanted to keep it inside of me because i had hope that it will get better. I didnt want that hope to get away with those tears too. I hope this will help you. ❤️

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  5. You remind me of Cameron Diaz’s character in the Holiday. She soooo wanted to cry but couldn’t shed a tear. I think her tear ducts supposedly got messed up by her parents’ divorce.

    Anyhoo, I am such a cry baby. I took offense on a friend for making such a huge deal for her not crying over Me Before You because she made me seem so trivial for crying. I cry a lot… I cry about nonsense… I cry over songs…

    I guess I am not normal…

    As for you wanting to cry but couldn’t… I guess it’s not about the tears falling. If you feel that you’re crying, for me, you already did cry… tears are just accessories to the feeling…

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