2 Truths 1 Lie!! (REVEALED!)


How ya doing? You looking great today! So here’s the answers to the 2 Truths 1 Lie post!! Thank you so much TheLivingMe again for nominating me for this tag!! It means a lot!

If you wanna check the 2 truths and 1 lie post, you can click here! Thank you so much to the people who commented their guesses for the lies!! Here are your, “scores”? Are they called scores? Anyway, you get me!


fibit: 2 It flatters me a lot that you think I’ve been to more than 6 countries!! 😄😄 *btw sorry I got confused the first time*

flawedsilence: 4 I hate ice-creams!! I know it’s hard to believe! 😅😅 But yay, you almost got everything right!!

TheLivingMe: 3 I broke my leg hehe!! But it was nothing, I was just standing and fell to the ground into bad posture!! 😅 And I love sunglasses! 😎

Sav The Lion: 2 Hehe I’ve never been to the USA and I’m sad about it cause I was born in Mexico and it’s effing close!! #SoFrustrating Wish I could go sometime! 😆😛

Zimi: 3 Hehe I’ve been to 6 countries!! 😄 And I’ve never been to Italy but I’d LOVE to go!! 😄

badpeaches: 4 Whohoo!! 😄 You almost got them all!! Yaay that makes me so happy!! 😄😄

Ok so the lies are written in red as pretty obvious!!:

  • a) I’ve been to 6 countries
  • b) I’ve been I’ll for the past week
  • c) My mother tongue is Spanish
  • a) I broke my left leg when I was 5
  • b) I’ve been inside my mom for only 8 months
  • c) I’m adopted
  • a) I’m 15
  • b) I hate ice-cream
  • c) I like rap music
  • a) I have an iphone
  • b) I am obsessed with sunglasses
  • c) I have myopia
  • a) I’ve never been to Italy
  • b) I’ve never been to Disneyland
  • c) I’ve never been to USA

Hehe those are the lies! Please lemme know in the comments the lies you were most surprised about!! So again guys, thanks for sharing your guesses!! Means a lot!

This was all for today! Hope you enjoyed this post! It’s fun to make these types of posts! Sometimes you don’t know what the lies are!! It’s really confusing!! Thank you so much for commenting your guesses, I really appreciate it! Hope you guys have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time!


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