Why I Don’t Go Shopping With Friends


How are you? Yesterday I hanged out with my friends and we went to the river with some buckets to pour’em on each other and have some fun. The water was freaking cold!! I spent 6 hours with my friends entirely wet!! Thank god I don’t have a cold, for now.

Anyway, that made me think about all the things me and my friends do and all the places we go to. Going shopping is one of them too, but it isn’t a great idea. I’ll tell you why.


Ok that should be a positive thing because we would never show up at school in the same outfit. Actually I wouldn’t care but maybe my friends would, idk. But because the Mall we go to is quite big, we have to be together all the time. And because me and my friends are so smart, we never want to go to the shops we don’t like, even if we ain’t gonna buy a thing. So as a result, we end up going to just 2 or 3 shops and that’s all.


Ok so this one has to do with the first one. We all like different shops so we tend to go on our own although we can’t. Ok we can send a WhatsApp message to the Friends Group to ask where they are and where to meet again, because the Wi-Fi in that mall works pretty well for being so busy most of the times. But there’s a problem. Some of my friends don’t hear their phone which is just like not even having it. So yeah.


And that means asking one of your less-shy friends to buy your whatever for you. *of course you give them the money, they wouldn’t buy you a thing* And your friend *like always* doesn’t want to.

There’s another possibility: You want one of your friends to buy that something with you *like just being there cause you don’t wanna look like a lonely person in front of the cashier even though you ain’t never seen them*. And again, that friend doesn’t want to. But oh wait, after leaving the shop they want YOU to go to the bathroom with them!!! Like dude, I’ll go to the bathroom with you if YOU are next to me when I buy this phone case!!


Ok at least in the mall I go to, there’re benches and chairs almost everywhere with you know, electrical contacts to plug your phone and all that… Well my friends want to sit on those benches like every 5 meters we walk. And they spend HALF AN HOUR sitting there doing nothing but complaining about the blisters and headache they ain’t have.


So all the things I’ve said above cause several arguments. And no one wins. We just get mad at each other and then we befriend again when it’s burger time!! We’re like so mature.

Going shopping with friends is SO stressful!! At least for me. Does this happen with your friends? Do you fight too or is it because we’re dumb? Idk cause every time I see other groups of friends they just seem so calm and synced..

Anyways, I hope you liked this kind of rant-y post that I just made for you guys! Please lemme know if you relate to this cause sometimes I think I’m the only one but then turns out I’m not and yeah… I hope this month is going well for you so far and I’ll see you on the next post probably tomorrow!!


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21 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Go Shopping With Friends

  1. i agree with your points, i don’t usually go shopping with friends either, i enjoy it more by myself cuz i can take my time and get stuff i really want 🙂

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  2. Trust me, I know this isn’t just you. All groups of friends go through similar phases: it’s part of growing up, and trying to establish yourself in your group of frineds as a unique individual. This clashing of interests can lead to some minor arguments, but don’t worry: it won’t last forever. And remember: be confident in front of the cashier: they went through exactly the same fears as you’re experiencing now, after all. XX

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    • Oh thank go I’m not the only one!! XD Yeah I think it’s just a phase, cause my parents and their friends don’t act like that when they go shopping, haha!! And yeah, I need to be more confident. It’s pointless to be shy in those cases. 😛
      Thank you so much! Your comment helped me a lot!!

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  3. I’ve never gone shopping with my friends, I usually just go with my mom and sometimes my sister even though she HATES shopping. But I’m still young, I’m actually still a preteen. I was thinking of asking a friend to go shopping with me as a matter of fact. We never got to it O-o

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    • I go shopping every time with my parents. XD They like going shopping, specially my mom! 😛 And yeah, this is my first year being a teen and I only went shopping with my friends twice, we went with our parents but then we met again hours later. XD You should go shopping with your friend, other than the things I said in the post, it’s pretty fun!!! XD XD

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      • Yeah, my friend has a horrible sense of fashion (but not nearly as horrible as my sister’s xD) but lately at school she’d been wearing stylish things sort of, so I thought I’d help improve her fashion or something xD
        Actually it’s sort of hard for me to go shopping, at least because the mall nearest to us is sort of small and I typically don’t like te stuff in the stores. Either that or my mom would never let me wear them xD
        Usually I just come back with one or two items from my “favorite” shops
        Lately we went to the two bigger malls near us that are about half an hour away. I came back with more stuff but it wasn’t as pleasant as I hope cuz we kept getting lost xDD

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      • That’s cool! So nice of you to help her!! XD
        And yeah, it’s hard to go shopping sometimes, there’re few shops in my town so we have to go to a mall from outside!! XD
        And hahaha I also get lost a lot!! 😛 XD

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  4. I understand where your coming from to not want to go shopping with friends, I feel the same way when its a big group of friends and were shopping. I actually really enjoy going shopping with just one other friend and it makes it so much more enjoyable. Have you tried shopping with a smaller group or just one friend?

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