What’s In With WhatsApp Chains?


How’s life? I hope good! It’s been like forever hasn’t it? And I’m so so sorry for not posting in the last 3 days, I’m think I’m dying… Nah just kidding but seriously, I’m sorry. But in my defense I’ve been working on new posts because you’re awesome!! *self esteem recovered*

Anyway, today I’m gonna talk about WhatsApp message chains. You know when you get message from a friend that goes kinda like this? Btw sorry if you can’t see the messages in this post very well, I made them with pain like very fast so, sorry!

fake text 2

I’ve never ever forwarded any of these messages because I think it’s stupid but this one isn’t so bad, I actually liked it. *but didn’t forward still* Actually this one is pretty similar to one I received from my friend Zimi, go check out her blog, she’s the BOMB.COM!!! So the other day I was on the wordpress reader at about 0:05 and I received a message from a friend of mine. Like what? A message? At this hour? So I clicked on the notif and I received something like this:

WARNING: If you’re like hella sensitive to this stuff like me then I recommend you to not read this. I made it light for you because the details are irrelevant, I just want you to get the main idea. I’m just warning you, you can read if you want, but don’t come back to my blog like: You silly mother effer who ya think ya are to scare me blah blah blah…

fake sms

When I read the 5th word I was like: Oh I know what’s going on. Not doing it! I didn’t even read it anymore when I got to the phrase “I died”. My friend read it and obviously got scared, if not:then why would she send it back to me? The funny thing is we sometimes chat in our friends whatsapp group, but we’ve never chatted like, just the 2 of us. The first sms she sends just to ME was that one. Like, thank you?

So I’m a person who gets scared of terror stuff like this so that’s why I don’t chill with ghosts. I 100% don’t believe in ghosts but somehow I end up crapping my pants *not literally* so that’s why I don’t read these messages. I don’t wanna dare my subconscious. I pretended I read it and texted my friend:

ME: Ok but please don’t kill me 😂😂 
HER: I’ve already done it, It gave me chills. 😂 
ME: Yeah me too, not gonna deny it.

But as a hella stupid person that I am, I read it the next day cause nothing would happen to me that night. Yeah I think I took 1 HOUR to fall asleep. Not doing it again. Dude, I got angry! I almost told my friend: Hey who the f*ck sent you this! Huh? Imma slay them!

Like dude? Why do people do this? I’d like to spread a message like this to all my school:

fake text 3

Kinda wimpy but I would do that to see what people do. It’ll be like: See? This is how stupid you look when you send this! STOP WITH ALL THE SMS CHAINS!!

Ok so I just had to vent today. This was all I have to say for now. I really hope this trend ends *hey I just made a verse!* because it’s stupid, specially the terror ones because they really piss me off. Specially because they scare stupid people like me. It’s ok that we’re stupid but just leave us alone!

Do you like sms chains? Do you not? Are you one who forwards? Was my greco-roman idea good? I don’t think so. I hope you liked the text messages’ colors. I made them with paint!! *I’m like so pro, jk* Hope you have a great day! Don’t believe in ghosts!


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16 thoughts on “What’s In With WhatsApp Chains?

  1. I don’t use Whatsapp but there’s a lot of this before in Facebook. I especially hate it when they have like, “Share this if you love Jesus, ignore if you love Satan.” I mean, why would you even do that to a person?
    Anyway love how you threaten them and say “Have a wonderful day!” afterwards like no chill 😂

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  2. Oh my, this is so relatable! I get so annoyed with people sending/retweeting/reposting that kind of thing. POINTLESS. 😀
    Also, don’t worry about taking a break! Feeling good is more important than getting a blog post! Hope you’re feeling a little better now, though! ❤

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  3. You know the really cheesy and sweet ones like send this to x people that you love and then there is a massive paragraph of sweet stuff and it mentions send it to me too if I’m one of the people and then you’re in a situation of I don’t want to be cold hearted but at the same time I don’t want to send you that to prove I love you 😭😭

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  5. Im exactly the same! I never answer chain mail. I get religious ones, like ones about “if you don’t send this to 20 ppl, you don’t love God.” And ppl get so scared but honestly chain mail is so stupid. Never answer a chain mail message.

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