Why I Don’t Wear Contacts


How’s life? Remember when I did the post called Why Don’t People Like Glasses? If you haven’t check it out yet, then you can do it HERE! So in the comments a lot of people told me they wore contacts which is a really good idea but I just don’t wear them. So this post is about why I don’t wear contacts.

So yeah, hope you enjoy my reasons! *I know that sentence didn’t make any sense*

WARNING: If you feel kinda uncomfortable to read thins like idk, someone touching their eyeball then I wouldn’t recommend you to read this post. I mean you can, you ain’t gonna get traumatized, it’s just a little gross. You can read it perfectly, but if you don’t like reading it, then you don’t have to. *you can just click the like button and exit this tab, just kidding*


Why would I choose to not wear my glasses when I actually love them? It’s like shaving your head when you love your hair. Like what? It would make no sense! *wow, what a short answer*


You know how it disgusts me when I got something in my eye and then I have to take it out? Like eww… Don’t ya get that feeling too? Also, I don’t like touching my eyeball!! I have so many friends who touch their eyeballs just for fun!! Like what the hell you doing? You wanna rub out your pupil and iris? Well maybe they just touch the white part but same, ewww!! Like dude, that’s like hella sensitive, one eyelash in your eye and then it starts watering like you got a facial flood!!


Putting on your glasses and taking them off is like easier than breathing. TAKES 1 SECOND! Putting in and taking out your contacts takes like 2 minutes and effing requires to go to the bathroom!

I had a classmate who would  sometimes wear glasses and sometimes contacts. Everything was fine when he would come to school with glasses but contacts were a problem for him. Well, he was also very clumsy: We would take 10 minutes to put them in/ take them out. Sometimes we would forget he was using them, the contacts would pop out… That kinda scares me.


If I wore contacts in some kinda parallel universe; I wouldn’t be surprised if I ever put on the contacts, forget I was wearing them and then put on my glasses. Urgh, I don’t even wanna think about it. Also, if I ever bought contacts I would be so lazy everyday to put them in that I would never use them. I know myself.


Like putting them in/taking them out when there’s a friend of yours around and them accidentally pushes you!!! What would ya do?!?! Also, what if the contact breaks, in your eye?? 1. That would hurt, wouldn’t it? 2. How ya gonna remove the pieces from your eyeball? 3. What if it affects your eyeball/eyesight?

Ok so hope this post wasn’t too traumatic for you. Also hope it wasn’t very uncomfortable to read, cause it was for me to write. I just had to let it out, sorry.

Hope you liked this post! Do you wear contacts/glasses/both? Do you not? What do you think about wearing contacts/glasses? Tell me in the comments, we’re all friends here!! Hope you have an amazing day and see you next time!!


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30 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Wear Contacts

  1. agreed. right now i don’t think i could be bothered with contacts (all the cleaning solution and ish… ugh), maybe in the future but even if i did get contacts i wouldn’t wear them all the time…. also like you said i think putting them in and taking them out would terrify me XD

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  2. At first I hated my contacts, but then I got used to them and they’re actually really handy for me now as I find glasses quite uncomfortable 😁 It happened to me numerous times though where my contacts fall off randomly and I start panicking for a second 😁

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  3. Oh lord, I don’t wear contacts. I don’t even own any. I love my glasses and to me, it’s another article of clothing and contacts is like…solid eyedrops. *shudders*

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  4. I wear soft contacts which means that they don’t break and almost feel like plastic (really bendy and stuff). Also, they are known to be more comfortable than the hard ones so I’m quite happy with mine 😊

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  5. I only wear contacts when I’m doing sports or at like a performance or something. One problem with them for me is that it can sometimes blur my vision when I’m reading music and words. It also makes fluorescent light blind me. I’m a vampire xD

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  6. I have never had this problem as I have good eyesight but my friends think that I have a thing for guys with glasses, it’s just when a cute guy has a pair of specs, I need him 😉

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    • Hahaha really? Actually I’ve never crushed on anyone who wears glasses, I had a crush some years ago that didn’t wear glasses until just couple of years from now!! 😛 But I think that guys with glasses look great!!!

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  7. I wear glasses 😀😀 urgh contacts are so much more expensive and just plain scary sometimes. But most of my friends wear contacts for some reason, probably because they think glasses are ugly but really they can be beautiful but you just have to get used to them on you for some time 😀😀😀

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  8. I know this is such an old post but I felt like I have to contribute something 😀
    I used to hate my contacts but now I really prefer them to my glasses. After wearing them for over 3 years now, getting them in and out literally takes me thirty seconds to do haha!
    But yes, I totally understand why you don’t want to wear contacts. All my friends get super creeped out when they see me touching my eyeball and then seeing the lens it self. And sometimes I’m like “what if the lenses slips under into my eye sockets?!”. AND LOSING LENSES OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS THE BREAKING POINT.
    Still love them though XD

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