My All Time Fav Movie Scene


Wassup peeps? So honesty today I had no idea what to talk about but then I thought about movies!! And there’s a whole lot of things to talk about when it comes to movies! Because the other day I was thinking: What would be my fav movie scene? And then I remembered one I really like!

And what’s that scene? You may be asking. You know The Sleeping Beauty? And I know what you’re thinking: Oh my gosh! Is your fav scene from that old little kids movie? Well shut your thoughts and lemme finish! You know that scene in which Aurora pricks her finger with that spinning wheel spindle? Yeah that’s the one I’m talking about!!

Ok so I love both movies The Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent and some scenes are pretty similar but this a scene which appears just in the first one. Lemme just show ya the scene:

IT’S SIMPLY GREAT! Ok so I prefer Maleficent’s curse scene better than the original one cause it’s like more dramatic. But I just think this scene is way better than the one in Maleficent. And I’ll tell you why:


You know how much I love Villains’ music? Like Darth Vader’s theme? It’s like: get ready to die! I don’t know I just love Villains, if it wasn’t for them, movies wouldn’t make any sense!! They have a lot of personality!!


My favorite villain of all time by far!! I just love her!!!

So yeah that scene came to my mind and I thought: Yeah maybe that’s my fav scene. And it is now that I think about it. The only thing I don’t like about the scene is that Maleficent takes 3 minutes to kill her.

Ok so hope this post didn’t make you think I’m a psychopath, I just like villains. Do YOU like villains? Do you not? What’s your fav movie scene? This ain’t all about me! Ok so as a good person that I am, I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day!


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