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How’s your life going? I bet you’re doing great! So the other day I got tagged by my lovely friend Zimi @ SymphoniaAndSouvenirs so go check her out cause she’s phenomenal!! Thank you so much for tagging me!!

So let’s begin with the rules *using copy and paste skills*:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, obviously!😉 DONE
  • List your Top 5 FAVORITO! YouTubers and link the video you like of theirs best!
  • Don’t forget to mention why you like the YouTubers!
  • Tag the people you want to do this tag.


Ok so this one is my fav youtuber by FAR! She’s hilarious and her videos are just SO RELATABLE!! Also she’s a very good person and I love her style!

Tyler Oakley

I really like Tyler Oakley because he’s hilarious and his laugh is just so contagious!! Also I like that at least ONE youtuber wears glasses cause everyone who’s like famous doesn’t seem to need glasses. I also love his podcast!!

Connor Franta

I really like his youtube channel because it’s pretty entertaining and funny. He’s really funny! Also I like his logo a lot, it kind of was the inspitation to mine!!!

Brent Rivera

I started watching his videos not so long ago but they’re really funny and relatable, I always have a blast!!

Grace Helbig

I really like her videos cause she’s funny and I love her videos and her podcast so much!!

Ok so that was my list!! I hope you enjoyed… my opinion? Idk LOL XD XD


Okso that’s a wrap on the tag!! I hope you enjoyed reading this tag!!

Who’s your fav youtuber? Do you like any of the ones I mentioned? Do you watch youtubers? Ok so without more ado, I hope you liked this post and I hope you have a great day!!


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26 thoughts on “The YouTube? YouTube Tag

  1. Oh thanks Anna haha lol now I’ve got to think of who to tag haha and think of five YouTubers that I like but thanks for the idea for my Wednesday post


  2. Well some of our favorite are same! especially Brent and Connor 😀
    Btw, i do blogging some youtuber’s on my blog too… check this out for more knows 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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