My Stages Of Sleepiness


I hope you’re having a great day!! Today I’m gonna talk about my stages of sleepiness; signs you can find out I’m getting tired. Some people may have the same/similar stages and some people may have different ones or the same ones but in a different order. And how did I get the idea? Simple:

This morning I woke up at 12:00 dude, and I was tired still. Thank god I had some coffee because I would not have been able to stand up for more than 10 seconds. I didn’t even have a bad night or went to sleep too late *ok it was maybe 1 in the morning or so but anyway* this is one of the few times I’ve woken up so late.

So when I was having breakfast I was thinking of what to post today cause yesterday I was supposed to be making ideas but I didn’t *I’m so responsible* *sarcastic claps* so that was the first thing that came to my mind. By the way, I took the picture in the featured image above just minutes ago to make this post and I put my teddy bear in it!! *cute*

So without further ado, let’s begin:


AKA what everyone does when they’re tired. *btw I am a person who catches all yawns, I see someone yawning and I’m already yawning!! This has been happening more and more lately* So if I yawn after someone I’m not tired, I just caught it but if I yawn normally, then I know I’m getting tired.

Also I begin to be like slower either physically and mentally. You can ask me the simplest question and still I will get it wrong. You can tell me to grab something from somewhere and still I wouldn’t know where it is. I get dumber when I’m tired *dumber than when I’m 100% awake, not gonna lie*. 😛


So I hate people who do that, that’s rude. But when I’m tired I just can’t help doing it sometimes. I hate it so much because sometimes I don’t even notice but when I see people’s facial expressions *and by that I mean my parents’ and friends’ and people I don’t really like* I realize what’s going on.

I hate to do it and sometimes I try to kind of control myself but the problem is when I don’t notice I’m getting tired and I don’t notice I’m being rude so then my parents tell me: Hey are you tired/in a bad mood? And then I hate myself.

Ok but don’t get me wrong, I don’t do this like every time I get tired, just sometimes. If I did it all the time I think I wouldn’t have any friends now. *cries* 😦

  • I GET CRANKY: *like the song* *laughs* 

Ok so this is the hardest stage and the most uncomfortable one either for me and the people around me. I get mad at every single phrase that comes out of everyone’s mouth. In summary: I begin to act and think as everyone who’s in a bad mood. I just don’t process information the way I do when I’m not tired. :/


I barely walk in a normal speed, I yawn all the time, I don’t think straight *LOL the last one sounded like I’m drunk or something* XD So yeah, I’m not in my best moment. Everything I do is an epic fail. My mood is worse than Scrooge’s and I can’t stand anything. I kind of live in my world and I can’t really pay attention to other people. My head hurts and I walk slower than a baby snail. I look kinda like I’m sick but I’m just tired.


Yeah this is like zombie mode to make it shorter. 😐 So I walk super slow, my head hurts like I’m having a cerebral haemorrhage *because that hurts, right? Sorry if that was a stupid question*, I don’t think about anything other than getting some sleep and the only thing I do to prove I’m still alive is yawning.

But this only happens when I’m like extremely tired and I’ve been tired for more than 5 hours. The last time this happened was the last time me and my parents went on vacation and out flight got cancelled. Yeah that was awful, I hope I don’t have to go through that moment again. It’s painful agony!!

So that’s a crap, I mean a wrap! *yawn* I had fun writing it, I also got a little more tired writing it but it was worth it cause I had a good time!! I also hope that this post made sense because writing when you’re tired can end up in literary catastrophe.

Hey hope you enjoyed reading this post!! What are your stages of sleepiness? When was the last time you were extremely tired? What time did you wake up today? When was the last time you yawned? Hope you guys are having an amazing week so far and an amazing life too, why not?


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8 thoughts on “My Stages Of Sleepiness

  1. I’m completely the same! Especially the cranky part, I really don’t mean to be but when I’m exhausted I just get fed up and annoyed at everything. Great post! 🙂

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