Confessions of a Forgetful Teenager


Yo, what’s cracking? Today I’m gonna make the TOP 10 Confessions of a Forgetful Teen!! So yesterday after posting yesterday’s post, I went out with my parents and I was trying to make ideas for today’s post. So I have a little notebook which I always bring with me when I’m outta home and I was taking a look at it and I forgot I already had an idea!!

*I know you don’t care about my coming up with new posts so let’s just begin with the confessions*

DISCLAIMER: I’m not actually like SO forgetful, just a little bit sometimes. I actually remember a lot of thins, people say I have really good memory. But we all forget stuff sometimes! I just thought it’ll be fun to make these confessions because I think whether you’re forgetful or not, we’ve all have experienced these things.

TOP 10 Confessions of a Forgetful Teenager

  1. I forget a lot of stuff: And I know you’re gonna kill me right now for coming up with such a lame confession. But in my defense this is the most important one because if you call yourself forgetful, you need to forget a lot of stuff.
  2. Sometimes I don’t write down what I need to remember: So because I’m forgetful, I need to write down all the stuff I can’t forget. But sometimes my little innocent brain thinks I’ll remember what the teacher just said we had to do so I don’t write it down, I forget to do it and then I fail that project. Yay! XD #HomoSapiensSapiens
  3. Sometimes I leave work till the last moment when I won’t remember I had to do it: And I think as teenagers, we all have experienced this. Admit it, you’ve done this too: You’re too lazy to do that essay your teacher told you to do for next week and you wait till the very last day when you finally completely forget about it. But also, teachers get like TOO pissed, like teacher: Just fail my essay! What do you care? There’re some things I’ll never understand.
  4. Sometimes I try to blame other people for not reminding me: Or sometimes I just try to convince them that they didn’t tell me. Like: Mom, you never told me I had to clean my room yesterday! Friend, you never told me to keep your secret! *ok I’ve never told a secret and then said that, I guess I ain’t that much of a bad person* Teacher, you never told us there was gonna be a surprise exam today! 😛
  5. And because people know I’m forgetful, I always give that excuse every time I actually remembered: Where’s my homework? I forgot. Was I the one who had to bring balloons to the party? I forgot. That’s the only advantage you can take from this so use it! People won’t get surprised so they won’t be so hard on you! *sorry for being a bad influence*
  6. I tend to feel sorry for other people who are forgetful like me: Like dude, I’m kinda forgetful but every time I see someone just like me I’m like: Omg poor guy/gal, he’s/she’s like, SO forgetful! Like dude: Am I not forgetful too? Did I just forget I’m forgetful too?
  7. Or sometimes I just feel identified: Yeah, sometimes I remember I’m as forgetful and just feel good that I ain’t the only one. Like dude: I know nothing about you but high five! ✋ *now for real, you can struggle a lot in life when you’re forgetful*
  8. I tend to call other people forgetful: Every time I remember something and someone forgets it, I’m like: Have you forgotten? Dude, you’re so forgetful! *LOL, just be like me! I’m like the encyclopedia cause I remember a lot of stuff* XD XD
  9. I get pissed at myself a lot for being forgetful: I sometimes get mad at myself for not remembering such stupid things like bringing my keys to school or my phone when I’m with my friends… Like bruh: how did I forget that? But when I get mad the most is when I forget to do school work.
  10. I still believe I can totally remember something so I still don’t write down: Yeah, how many times have I not written something and then forgot it? It’s basically my entire life! People are right, human beings are the only animals who will stumble upon the same rock more than once. *was it the right saying? Idk I translated it directly from spanish LOL*

So that’s a wrap on the confessions! *Phew!* When was the last time I made a TOP 10? I’m losing faculties guys! I guess I’m gonna drink some water now, I’m dehydrated!! It’s so hot here!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! I had a lot of fun writing it! Are you forgetful? When was the last time you forgot something? What are your confessions? I hope you guys have an amazing day/night/morning/afternoon!! 


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57 thoughts on “Confessions of a Forgetful Teenager

  1. Relatable 😂😂😂

    I hate it when I’m in bed all comfy and I remember something and then I’m like I don’t need to get up and make a gigantic post it note so I remember in the morning …and then I forget 😭

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