Reasons Why I Hate Bugs


I hope you’re doing great! So yesterday I was watching youtube and there was a video called Celebs’ Weird Phobias and I was like: What phobias do I have? Well, clearly bugs! So I thought it’ll be a good topic to just sit down and write about.

Bugs are just so gross! That’s why I didn’t add real bug images on the featured image cause that would definitely not be pretty. Cause just look at the ones I put, aren’t they so cute?! XD Makes me not wanna hate them.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re like super afraid of bugs or you just feel like you got them all over our body when you think about them. I’d recommend you to not read this post. I mean, this post isn’t gonna be like super gross cause I’m afraid of bugs too. But if you like, can’t stand them at all, then don’t read this. Well, I mean, you can read it but just don’t complain after you do if you get grossed out.

*Is it just me or I’m making so many disclaimers lately in this blog? Because I’ve been making a lot lately, I think something’s going on with me. Guess I’m getting kinda… idk, can’t think of the word. I hope to not start talking about taboo stuff in this blog in the future. :/ Anyways, enjoy!*



Like how in the world can a human being even touch those nasty little moving beings?!?! I mean, I don’t think bugs are bad, it ain’t their fault to be bugs and they can’t think like we humans do but idk, they’re just gross!!! Some are hairy! Some are slimy!!! Ewwww I don’t know about you cause maybe you like their touch but I don’t like it, I feel it very disgusting. Also, what if you touch a slug, then you need to scratch you eye but you ain’t got nothing to clean your hands????


They move! I mean, ok they’re alive so they move. Idk, they can get into your sleeve!!! What if that happens? What if that happens? What if they’re poisonous? What would ya do? Get naked in public to get them out? *if you’re in public* Isn’t it just scary when you touch something and it suddenly moves? Ok I’ve never touched a bug *in purpose* and idk why my friends have always felt the need to touch every kind of bugs and little animals like worms, little frogs, lizards… I hope they never touch rats.


So I shouldn’t even explain this reason cause poison effing kills you! *sometimes* That’s why it’s called poison and that’s why effing mother nature created it. *mother nature, please don’t kill me! I crossed out the word!* So that’s basically one of the reasons why people shouldn’t at least touch bugs. *well, also other animals got poison but you can’t find those at the park as a child*

And how many times have mosquitoes bitten me? And you? And everyone? Ok it doesn’t hurt like death but it bothers you, a lot! LOL I remember once I was on holiday in Mexico and one night a mosquito bit me. It hurt just SO MUCH!! It was real agony!  had like a huge purple weal in my face and it lasted several days!! I think I’ve become more afraid of mosquitoes ever since that happened. XD #StayStrong


Let’s talk about fleas. Or lice. How in the world did they get there? And how do they not leave? Ok I’ve never got lice but I’ve got fleas about twice in my life. They are the death of me! They byte you everywhere!! And it itches like hell!!! I still have a flea byte mark I got in the last December or January. Ok I maybe scratched it too much but it also itched so much! And let’s admit it, people tell us to not scratch but we always do it!!!


Now let’s talk about leeches and ticks, for instance. Again, never got a leech or a tick in my life and hopefully never will. But how does it even feel like when a little insignificant thing sucks your blood? Does it hurt? I think. Do you notice? I think. But like dude, they’re stuck in your body like you got an embossed bug tattoo and the thing is, how do you get rid of them? Do you just grab them and you just pull? Do you need to use anything? Ok as far I know, you can get leeches out of your body easily. But fleas? How?

Ok so that was my mini rant for today! Do you like bugs? Do you not? Has any weird bug bitten you? Are you allergic to bugs? I ain’t *thank god I ain’t* Have you ever had lice? A flea? Whatever you had, tell me! We are all family!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I felt uncomfortable writing it. Just kidding, I had a blast! I hope you have an amazing day and an amazing week! Wait, what day is it today? Saturday? Anyway, see you next time!!


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16 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Hate Bugs

  1. Fear of bugs is a reasonable phobia. I mean they ARE really gross. My phobia is dogs. For some reason I get so terrified when I see a dog. Even if it’s a puppy. But bugs are creepy crawlies

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  2. Loved this post. I hate bugs. Spiders are my number one phobia but the bug category i can’t stand. Part of the reasons I don’t spend too much time outside during the summer months. They just attack you. And omg! I had fleas. My dog got into my room when she had fleas and I had fleas in my bed without knowing. They bit me for a week and those suckers bit through ANYTHING! I wore like winter gear to bed and they still got in. Luckily, I put salt and baking soda around my bed in a circle and that prevented them from going there and I was able to rid them. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone 😂😭

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