My Latest Hairstyle Obsession


I hope you’re doing great!! So today I was gonna post one of my opinion rants but instead I decided to share with you a hairstyle that I’m SO into right now!! Because it’s been really long since I made this kind of post for the last time!!

So as you know, I love the double dutch braid *as you may have noticed my my blog profile picture* though I pretty much always just wear a ponytail. And the other day I thought of making like a mix of the two hairstyles!! Ok it sounds kinda dumb but the result turned out really well!!

I was like: What if I made the two dutch braids but like just halfway *like it was the half up half down hairstyle* and then just join them into a ponytail!! And in my imagination it looked dope, but then I kind of came to think it wouldn’t look that good in real life. I made it *i think the day before yesterday* and it surprisingly looked better in real life!!! *I’ve never been so proud of myself, just kidding*

And here’s the final result *sorry if the pic had bad quality*:

It isn’t perfect but it’s ok and I’ve just done it three time so I guess I’ll get better at it by just practicing. And after seeing the pic, maybe right now you’re like: So you’re so happy about that? I think I’m gonna tell you the reasons why I love it so much.

BECAUSE IT’S EFFING DIY: You can do it yourself!! How many times have I been annoyed for learning to do hairstyles I just can’t do to myself? A lot! I don’t need anyone’s help to do it!

BECAUSE IT’S EASY AND QUICK TO DO: I like hairstyles that don’t take really long to do cause I’m a bit of a lazy person. This one takes 10 minutes of even less, I think. It’s really easy too!! If you don’t know how to dutch or french braid it may seem quite difficult but once you get the hang of it it becomes easier than tying your shoes.

BECAUSE IT COMBINES MY 2 FAVORITE HAIRSTYLES: As I’ve said, my 2 fav hairstyles are the double dutch braid cause it looks just really good and it’s super trendy right now. I also love the ponytail cause it’s just the easiest thing to do and it looks simply good. Why do I love those 2? Because I hate when there’s hair on my face specially when I’m writing, doing homework or just doing exercise. I hate to have my hair all over my face.

BECAUSE IT LOOKS HARDER THAN IT IS: It looks way harder than it is to do and it seems like it took you forever to do it but it just took you 10 minutes. And I love that!

BECAUSE IT’S PERFECT FOR EVERY OCCASION: Whether you’re going to school, hang out with your friends, a familiar dinner, just go for a walk, shopping… *I didn’t wanna mention weddings and funerals cause I think it’s too exaggerated* 

So I think those are all the reasons why I like this hairstyle so much. I’m just obsessed with it, I’m wearing it right now!! I’m sorry I can’t show the full hairstyle but I can’t show my face, sorry. 😦 I really recommend you to try this, if you don’t know how to do it, I’m sure there’re many tutorials on youtube on how to do a dutch braid!!

So do you like the hairstyle? Do you not? What’s your favorite hairstyle? What do you usually do with your hair? I wanna know!! I hope you enjoyed this kinda ranty post!! I also hope it wasn’t too boring or just TMI about my life. ‘Nuff said, hope you have a great day!


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35 thoughts on “My Latest Hairstyle Obsession

  1. Looks awesome mate. You should do a TMI Tag for your next blog. I don’t do much with my hair I just let it do its own thing or when I put hair extensions in and let it do its own thing my hair decides what it fancies each day but it’s annoying half the time

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  2. When my hair was longer I would just tie it into a knot because I’m lazy with my own hair. Now that it’s short, I wear this half up bun.😁 I do love braiding other people’s hair into dutch braids more than french 😄

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