Mini Trip to a Beach/Forest


How’s it going? So yesterday after posting yesterday’s post, me and my dad went to a Beach/Forest. It’s a beach that’s next to a “forest”. Why “forest”? Because it’s a fake forest. Oh well it isn’t fake but it isn’t 100% forest, people planted trees to make a forest. I hope I explained myself well now. 

So me and my dad brought both of our cameras and took pictures around. My mom didn’t come cause she doesn’t like photography that much and it was the aim for this trip so yeah. *cries* We didn’t go to the beach like pretty much of the rest of the people there did, we just went to take pictures around. If I put here all the pics I took, it would take you hours to see them all. So I’m just gonna put the ones I liked the most!

Let’s talk about this place. The beach is called Rodiles *don’t ask, it’s a Spanish name*. It’s quite a big beach, we didn’t step on it cause we were wearing sneakers but we really wanted to. It has a forest next to it and I told you, the forest isn’t a real forest, also there ain’t no animals. So of course we spent some time in the forest to stay away from the sun which was burning our skin cells!! It has quite a lot of tables with benches for people to go there and all…

Now that I’m done, let’s go with the pics. Click them so check ’em out!!:

I’ve separated them in two galleries, these ones are closer to the beach, rocks and the water. I love taking pics of water!! One of my fav scenarios. *if I can call it scenario, idk, forgive my English skills*

And these pics are from the forest which I think is beautiful for not being a real one. I feel like that would be a very cool place to shoot a movie scene. They would need to remove the benches and tables which are attached to the ground but yeah, a very good place. 😛

#NatureBeauty I’ve captioned all the pics and I think I could have not been more precise describing. XD Maybe yes, but we’ll never know. *wow, is it just me or today nothing I’m writing makes sense?*

And these are some other random pics:

Whoah, I’m typing so many captions!!! Whoah, so many pics and those are not even half of them all!!! Told ya this would take hours! I think I should make an album. Yeah I’m too lazy. 😛

So me and my dad had a great time at the beach! I wish my mum was there but we went there just to take pics and she’s not a very big fan of photography as I told you. We had an ice-cream, we walked around, we took pictures… We had a great time even thought the sun was dazzling us pretty much all the time. I’m quite surprise I didn’t go crazy cause the sun is a big phobia that I have. Anyways!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!! I had so much fun writing the captions!! I can’t believe I’ve put 30 pictures in this post!! 10 pics in each gallery! Did you like these pics? Do you like taking pics? Do you go to the beach often? I hope you have a great week!!


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  1. Oh Anna you’ll end up like my sister being white as a ghost but heyho I love the face that you have the special connection with your dad in something that you both like doing

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