DIY Double Dutch Braid Ponytail!


Hope you’re having a great week so far! *because today’s Tuesday, right?* Today I’m gonna show you how to make a DIY Double Dutch Braid Ponytail. Sounds really complicated because it’s a really long name but it takes only 10 minutes to do!

So some of you already know this hairstyle because I’ve talked about it in this post and Iridescence asked me if I could tell you how to do it!! I’ve actually never made a tutorial in my life so I’m sorry if you get confused, you can leave a comment. 😛 So yesterday I wrote this post since I was super excited to make this tutorial!!

BEFORE WE PROCEED: This is a very easy hairstyle that you can do to yourself, but in this case I had to use a doll of mine to show you how to do it because taking pictures of me would involve showing my face, which I can’t do. I’m so sorry guys! Actually I think doing this to a doll or another person is harder than doing it to yourself.

This tutorial may seem difficult because I’m adding a lot of pics and all that but I’m just trying to make it step by step so you don’t have any doubts, but again, it’s not hard at all.

Also, the braids, ponies and buns are gonna seem very big and weird because it’s a doll, it’s gonna look a lot better in a person. (Preparing comparison):

See? Now I think I’m done with the disclaimer. Now let’s start!

Ok so that was my disclaimer of the day. I actually like doing disclaimers, makes me feel like a professional website idk why! I’m so silly!! XD


  • 2 elastics (I don’t think you’ll need more)
  • 1 or 2 hair ties (I think 2 is better)
  • bobby pins (you may or may not need them, I usually don’t)
  • a comb/brush (I’m gonna use a comb)
  • hairspray (I always use it but not in this case cause it’s my doll)
  • water (optional) (you don’t need to have water in a bottle, you can just use the sink)



Comb/brush your hair. *as pretty obvious* You can also add water to get a neater look. I love the neat look, I don’t like messy ponitails or buns or anything cause why would you make such a hairstyle to just have hair on your fave? It also lasts longer when it’s neat, just ask my friends.


Step 1: You know when your making a half up half down bun/ponytail? Well do that. *Wow I sound like a boss, sorry* I always make a ponytail cause I got short hair but right now I’m gonna make a bun cause my doll’s hair is long. Btw isn’t it creepy to use a doll? I don’t care!


Step 2: Make another bun/ponytail with the rest of the hair. LOL now she looks kinda like Rey from Star Wars!! XD XD See? I just made another hairstyle!! Now you just have to buy a karate suit to finish your Rey costume!! Just kidding! *But you could*


Step 3: Undo the first bun/ponytail. Now separate the hair into two. You can make an even line or you can just make the line more to one dies, it’s up to you. I’m gonna make an even one cause I like it more. Now you have to make a bun/pony again with one side, the one you’re not gonna need now.

Step 4: Start dutch braiding! In case you don’t know ,I’m just gonna inset a french braid tutorial so you can learn in case you don’t know. I’m not good at explanations, sorry. 😦 After dutch braiding one side, you have to do the same with the other one.

BEFORE YOU WATCH: Remember you have to just braid the hair you grabbed, don’t braid the hair in the pony. It’s like a half up half down braid. The after you finish dutch braiding, you just have to keep braiding normally, I’ll include pictures, don’t worry.

Step 5: Undo the ponytail you made before and join it with the other braids to make a ponytail. Also, considering this isn’t really similar to as if you do it to a person, you’re gonna need to take out your elastics cause you’re not gonna need them anymore and it also looks a lot better. *once you do it, you’ll understand* This is the final result!

These are other hairstyles you can do with the rest of the hair. I prefer the ponytail but you can do whatever you want with it!!

Ok so now you’re done with the hairstyle. I hope you have fun doing it as much as I do!! I also hope I explained myslef well, you can just leave a comment if you have any doubts and I’ll answer. Sorry guys, I’m not good at this, I try my best! Or maybe the explanation was too obvious, in that case it’s kinda awesome!!

*Maybe I’ll be making more tutorials, I don’t know. What can I teach you to do? Can’t think of anything.*

I hope you liked this post! Let me know if you’re gonna try this too in the comments! Or you can send me an email with a picture of your hair once you’ve done it, my email is: cause I’d love to see how you did it!! I hope you have a great day/night/afternoon!! 


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  1. This is going to sound quite gross but I have sweaty palms sometimes
    😑 So when I’m trying to do something fancy with my hair and my hand gets slightly sweaty it makes it hard to comb my hair with my fingers and everything gets all messy….. I know … Weird😂😂😂

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