Almost Autumn Shopping Haul


What’s up? I hope you’re doing well! So the other day I went shopping with my parents and I bought some awesome sauce clothes to show you guys!! *ok, I went with my parents but I swear I chose the clothes*

So without further ado, let the shopping haul begin! Yay! 😄 *Idk why I’m so excited about this but yay!* Ok let’s start:

So the first thing I bought was a grey shirt which I think is awesome!!! Maybe the color is a bit dull but I love shirts and I love almost all colors so I totally liked this shirt. Also, I think I’ve seen a lot of grey things out there lately. Maybe it’s a trend now, idk. 😛😄


The second thing I bought was a black skirt. I don’t have many skirts cause they’re not the most comfortable thing but I love this one! I’ve been wanting to have that exact one from like a year ago or something, thank god it’s still trending, right? I don’t care anyway! I l just love it! 😄😄


The third and last thing I bought was a dark green? t-shirt which is the same texture as the skirt, I don’t know if you can notice by the pics. Anyway, at first I wasn’t sure about this one but I really liked it when I tried it with the skirt! 😄 I think it looks kinda retro, I like that! 😂


And I just love how the skirt looks with the two things! 😍😍😄


And that’s a wrap on the shopping haul! I think this was the shortest post I’ve veer made. ☹️ *cries* Sorry guys, promise next post will be longer.

Did you like the clothes? I really do! Do you have many skirts? Do you like skirts? Shirts? What pieces of clothing are you liking recently? I’d love to hear from you!! I hope you liked this post! It was fun to make! Hope you all have a great day!!


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8 thoughts on “Almost Autumn Shopping Haul

  1. I love shirts and jeans a lot. I have few skirts and dresses to use for church but I’m thinking of buying more for future corporate events in my college. Super love the black and dark green shirts! And I have a similar skirt 😁

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