Pros and Cons of Being an Introvert


What’s shaking? 😎 I hope you’re doing well!! *ok so idk how to start this post so here it goes* I’m an introvert and I think I’ve always been. I like being alone, I’m kinda lazy to hang out with my friends *tho i do*, and I’m a little shy too. 😅😅

And being an introvert is really cool, yeah. But as everything, it has advantages and drawbacks. So today I thought of making a list of pros and cons of being an introvert. I hope it’s relatable because I don’t wanna feel alone. 😂😂

Before you read this, just to let you know I’m an introvert, I admit it but I don’t think I’m that much of an introvert. I do a lot of things on this list but I still go out with my friends and stuff. The pros and cons of this list are to make more people feel identified. 😄


  • You have time to be inspired: You have time to just focus on things you like and be inspired. I like having free time to just think about stuff that inspires me!!! 😄
  • You don’t have to spend money on going to places: Like fast food, the candy shop *haha, like the song* 😂 and etc… Actually I don’t really care about this one cause me and my friends usually don’t spend money on stuff really. This one can be for like adults and stuff.
  • Your phone isn’t getting attacked by messages: You know how annoying it is when you have like 20 messages from the same friends whatsapp group and they’re all important? #Don’tMakeMeBlockYou Dude, that’s the death of me. 💀 Luckily that doesn’t happen to me very often. 🙂 oh well 😦
  • You have time to do a lot of things: Read that awesome book *not my case, tho I should* 😛, read that song lyrics you mishear, learn that hard rap song, make ideas for blog posts *huh? huh?*, watch that movie, take pictures of new places… You can do everything you want cause you got time! 😄😄
  • You don’t have arguments with your friends: Taking into account the few times you meet your friends when you’re not in school, you have less possibilities to fight with them. And they can also hurt you less often. 😊 #WorldPeaceEverybody


  • You have too much free time: Considering you don’t hang out with your friends much and you don’t have many plans; you have a lot of free time, some would even say too much. But they don’t appreciate the art of spending time on oneself. 😂😂
  • You feel lazy when a friend calls you to catch up: So you don’t go out with your friends much and you feel lazy every time someone calls you. 😐 What if you’re doing something important? Like being on a twitter chat!! Like posting!! 😤 Dude, I’m doing important stuff!! #LemmeDoMaThing You feel lazy specially when that friend and you have to meet somewhere not really close to you.
  • People think you’re a weirdo: You know, a weirdo who doesn’t have social life or who doesn’t wanna see people. But you’re not and sometimes you just wanna be alone and just relax on your own. :/
  • You spend too much time in your little world: And sometimes you get distracted either if you’re in school or working. I think that’s one of the reasons why I procrastinate a lot. 😛  :/
  • You miss experiences: It’s good to hang out every once in a while. 😄 It’s fun! You can miss some really good experiences and funny moments. I think you can regret more not hanging out with your friends than hanging out with them. #YOLO 

So those were my pros and cons of being an introvert. I could make like 20 on each list but I guess these are enough. Maybe I’ll make a part 2, idk. I don’t know many people are like this but I guess there’re a lot more. Lemme know if you relate to this! 😄😄 I wanna know if you’re like me!

I hope you liked this post. Are you an introvert? Are you not? Do you know anyone who’s an introvert? Do you relate to any of these things? I wanna know about you!! 😈😈 Nah just kidding, I’m not a psycho.

So that’s all for today’s post! *cries* 😢 *Just kidding, I post like every day, I wouldn’t be surprised if I loathed you* I hope you liked this post, hope it was relatable! I also hope you’re have a great day and a great week so far!!


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22 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Being an Introvert

  1. I’m an introvert too (I guess so, i mean I just fought with my parents to let me stay at home while they go out for a walk soo hehe) and I can RELATE yesss. Sometimes I feel sad that no one messages me but then I’m like wev, uninterrupted YouTube YAASSS!!!

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  2. I can totally relate to this but I’m not that of an introvert. I can handle crowds and I’m comfortable with many people but lately, I start getting so anxious around with other people so yeah hahaha

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