Things I Do When I Have A Crush


How’s your day going? So today’s post is the first post I’m gonna talk about mainly about crushes. Dude, how can I call myself an anti-crush person if I’m constantly thinking about my crush? I hate having crushes but I still have’em.

So right now I’m gonna say what everyone else says: Everybody at some point had developed a crush on someone, it’s part of life! If you’ve never developed a crush, you could be either a psychopath or just not a human. So as a non-psychopath human being, I’m gonna make a list of things that I do when I have a crush.

Ok so before you read this post, you have to know I have a crush on one of my teachers. *who may or may not be my teacher again when I’m back to school* *cries* 😭 Some of you already know that but I’m just saying in case you’re new to this blog. Also, welcome! And why am I saying all this? Because that may not be that relatable for you. *cause not a lot of people I know have crushes on teachers* 😂


So every time I’m school talking with my friends I try to act normal. And by act normal I mean: laughing even if what they’re saying isn’t funny, trying to say something funny myself, trying to seem like I’m having mature or intelligent conversations… I’m like the stupidest human on earth. 😂😂


Oh my god, if you’ve never done this, you got amnesia! How many times have I tried to laugh as hard as I can when I’m with my friends when he’s walking around, tried to wear similar clothes to his, try to not seem dumb every time I see him… 😄😄 He needs to notice me, that’s the reason why I go to school so happy and excited every day!


Every time they’re not looking or just explaining in class, I’m always observing them. They’re face, their clothes, their shoes, their hands, their hair… I’m like beholding a statue on a museum, cause he’s gorgeous!! 😍😍 I hope I don’t look stupid or awkward when I see him, that would be embarrassing! 😅


The few times I pay attention in class and not daydream, I understand what the teacher says. But when it’s my teacher crush it’s like he’s like he’s speaking Russian cause I ain’t get a thing. Seriously, I need to use more neurons than required to understand what he’s saying. It’s so hard! Oh and don’t get me started with indications, every time we’re in the school’s lab *yeah, he’s my science teacher, what?* and he says: Anna, can you pass me enter weird object here which is enter place here? I’m like:

-But wait, which one?
-The smallest one.
-And where is it?
-At the bottom.
-And which?
-The one in the left.
-Oh ok now I see it.
-Wait, not that one.
-What? *cries* 😭

I’m just stupid. My primitive brain isn’t made for crushes.


I think this is the most normal thing I’m gonna say on this list. I think it’ll be weird to not think about your crush every day. I just hate to think about them a lot because I know he never thinks of me *which is totally normal, I’d be scared if he did* but it just makes me sad. And i hate being sad, mostly because it ain’t no big deal.


He has a blog for the class. I visit it every day!!! Except in summer, maybe just once a week. But he posts in summer so that’s why I do it! 😂😂 Like dude: what kind of teacher posts on their teaching blog in summer? Don’t you prefer tanning your butt at the beach and just forget about school? That’s what I would do. I mean, if it’s my personal blog it’s cool but a school blog? You serious? The sad thing is that I’m the only one who visits it. And that I wouldn’t if he wasn’t my crush. ☹️ But he doesn’t know I visit it every day cause that’s creepy.


I hardly ever participate in class or volunteer or ask questions… But in my crushes class it’s like we’re in a contest and I’m obsessed with winning. I ask questions just to ask, I participate every time I know something *and hate myself when I don’t*, I don’t volunteer much cause I’m shy but I’d like to. 😂😂 I always do homework *and this may sound like joking but no one does homework in his class, he’s too nice to be strict, that upsets me a bit* ☹️ and I’m the one who works the most in class *or at least tries their best*. 😜😂

Seriously, am I not like, the best student ever? 😂😂😂 No but seriously, I’m a good student tho I try my best in his class also because I’m not as good as in other classes so yeah.


These are examples of things he’s said in class: Anna, can you bring your project? *sees it and uses as an example to the class* Anna, come here…. I mean, those are just stupid examples of the few times he’s called me. You know, as someone who has a crush you fangirl at all the stupid things that happen with that person. Once he smiled at me, it was hard to do homework that day because of how happy I was. Once he sat right next to me to correct something I wrote for class, I went home and spent 3 hours listening to loud music in my bedroom.

Simple things make me happy, that’s good I guess!! 😄😄

Ok so that was my list of the things I do when I have a crush. Sometimes I think I’ll never have a normal crush. Because who likes a teacher? It seems stupid but it’s really stressful sometimes! I can’t believe I still like him in spite of all the things that can happen when you like a teacher. Stupid weird me! When will I learn?

I hope you enjoyed reading it because I really enjoyed writing it. *it reminds me of old school moments. also I’m kind of excited about school cause I wanna see my teacher although I always deny it so lol*I hope it wasn’t too much about my life because you most probably don’t care. Do you have a crush? What do you do? Do you do any of the things on this list? Do you relate to any of these things? I wanna know what you think!!

So that was the end of the post! Again, hope you liked it as much as I liked it!! And speaking of school? Has your school started yet? Has it not? Mine starts in two weeks! Without further ado, hope you have a wonderful day!!


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14 thoughts on “Things I Do When I Have A Crush

  1. Although I don’t have a crush on my teacher, I know exactly what you mean! Especially stalking on the internet! Thankfully, I’ve never had to deal with the awkwardness of talking to him (he said sorry to me once but I was too dead to reply), but I can imagine that would end disastrously. 😀

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    • Yeah stalking on the internet is like the typical thing! XD And yeah, I only talk to him cause he’s my teacher. I think I would’ve never talked to him if he wasn’t. 😛 XD
      And yeah, sometimes I’m too shocked to reply too!!

      Liked by 1 person

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