Why I’d Never Be a Vegetarian


How are you all? So believe or not, by the time I’m writing this, I just had breakfast. It’s summer still for me, I usually wake up at 10:30 or even 11:30 when I’m too tired. 😂😂 #MeTalkingBoutSleeping

The thing is, I just had breakfast few minutes ago and me and my parents were talking about food. *yeah, eating and talking about food* 😋 So I came to think about why I’d never be a vegetarian. Before yo judge me, I’m not against vegetarians. I think it’s something lovely to be a vegetarian. *tho plants are living beings too and animals don’t give a damn when eat you, but just saying* I just love food too much to be a vegetarian.

So today I’m gonna tell you the reasons why I would never be a vegetarian:

DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t against vegetarians or had the aim to hurt any vegetarian’s feelings. I’m just expressing my point on why I’d never be a good vegetarian if I ever decided to be one. Actually I think it isn’t bad to be a vegetarian, I think their aim is good. They don’t wanna kill animals and that’s a great purpose.


Dude: fish, chicken, meat in general… bruh! I just love how they taste, it’s like telling a drug addict to forget it and just eat chocolate. 🍫 Like: No way! Btw, don’t do drugs!! 😜 #RoleModel I think I’d fall into depression if suddenly I stopped eating meat like nothing’s going on. I just like food too much to just sop eating what I like. I’ll get fat anyways if I keep not working out! 😂😂 *cries*


Ok it’s food. But it doesn’t fill my 5 kg capacity stomach. Lettuce with tomato, onion and boiled eggs? Ok I like all of that but I just don’t eat it if I’m hungry. Call me crazy, but do you eat salad like, often? I mean, if you don’t eat much *unlike me* then it probably fills your stomach but idk, it’s just insufficient for me. I meed more! 😋😋😋


I’ve heard vegetarians have food like chicken wings which aren’t real chicken but taste like chicken and stuff like that… Does it really taste exactly like chicken? Cause I like chicken. 🍗🍗 I don’t know, I just feel a little unsure about all that fake food if I can call it that. I don’t know, I just don’t want to eat food made of flavoring in some sort of lab. It scares me. 😖😖


Ok salad, vegan tacos, vegan pizza, vegan burgers, vegan hot dogs… But apart from that? Do they have like, fake meat? I don’t know! Do they have like diets? I looked for food for vegetarians and vegans *idk if they’re the same, I think so* and I found this:


Ok they have a huge variety but it doesn’t seem tasty. Of course I haven’t read everything, I just glanced at it. Btw what a obsolete page look! They should update it. 💁😂


Except some types of cheese and onion. But apart from that, I love food. Even spicy food which is kinda hard for me to eat cause I cough a lot and have to drink a lot of water. 🌶😝👅 But why would I abstain myself from eating what I like? I mean, luckily I can eat everything I want *also cause I ain’t allergic to anything which is a blessing*, so why would I choose to not eat certain things? 😄

So that’s a wrap on my list of the reasons why I’d never be a vegetarian or at least a good vegetarian. But the main reason is because I love food and meat too much. 😜 Are you a vegetarian? Do you know anyone who’s a vegetarian? I don’t. Would you ever be a vegetarian? What’s your favorite food? I think mine is everything! 😋😋 Dude, this post made me hungry again.

So that was all for today’s post. I hope you liked it. Did it make you hungry like me? If so then cheers!! 🍻 I don’t drink alcohol either but cheers!! *mostly cause I’m 13, I ain’t no kind of drunkenstein* Without firther ado, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hope you have a great day!!


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34 thoughts on “Why I’d Never Be a Vegetarian

  1. Just pork, I could never give it up, sausages, bacon, crackling, pork scratchings, roast pork and then KFC, and beefburgers (the homemade kind I don’t eat mcdonalds) plus being vegetarian is so much effort you have to think about what you eat to get to it

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  2. Haha no we don’t have any fake food lol. Honestly, for me now being a vegetarian has become something of pride. I like being a vegetarian.
    When my new friends in college found out that I’m a veggie, they vowed to convert me. One guy asked me why I remain so, I replied that I’m proud of being one and he immediately backed off.

    They do keep complaining like “how do you just eat greens??”

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    • Oh ok that makes me feel a lot better! XD And that’s great, how long have you been a vegetarian?
      And yeah, I’ve heard people do that a lot. XD It’s awesome to be proud of being a vegetarian, you’re doing something a lot of us can’t do!! That’s really something to admire!!! XD XD

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    • Hi there! I’m semi-vegetarian (I only eat enough that I dont get low iron) and I totally get what u mean about people not understanding it haha! I dont eat certain meats for ethical reasons and I do eat a little for medical reasons. I think we just hav to respect each other for our values and morals, life is too short to do otherwise 😉

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  3. Oh this is so relatable. I can eat veggies but not salad. I just can’t! Everytime I tried to eat salad, my stomach screams “NOOOOO!” haha. [no offense to vegeterians]

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  4. Hehe I’m a pescetarian. I like meat but can’t hack the ethics behind mass produced meat, and can’t afford organic/local/small farm meat :’/ And I want a stable world for my (future) kids and meat production produces way too much CO2 and methane! :’/
    I fill my belly with loads of mm roasted veg or pulses with spices or herbs and definitely .. butter…

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