Why Hospitals are Creepy (Not Really)


I hope you’re all doing wonderfully! Today I was gonna take a look at my post ideas list but last night I literally dreamed I was writing about why hospitals are so creepy. And when I woke up I was like, that’s an awesome idea!!!

Because when were you not scared in a hospital? I have been scared thousands of times in my life. I think it’s pretty normal, from how the place looks and smells, it can creep you out sometimes. So let’s talk about it!!

DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t 100% serious. Hospitals are a miracle and we would be effed up if it wasn’t for hospitals. Actually I love hospitals, all the workers do their best to save lives and cure people!! And I know what I’m talking about, I broke my leg when I was 5 years old, Hospitals are a life saver. *I know that wasn’t a big deal but I was little and I didn’t know what was going on, tho I’ve never been admitted to hospital, am I the right person to write this post?*


It’s like the food from the airports. 😂 Tastes really bad. Do people who work in hospitals really eat that crap? 💩 I guess they bring sandwiches from home, that’s what I’d do. Well, I heard some hospitals have really good food, wish it was the one in my town. Nah, not that I go that much there either. But people who stay the night there should at least have good food. 😷🤒


Dude, once I had to go to the bathroom in a hospital cause I had to do the urine analysis. 🚽 I was like about 8 years old. I wanted my mom to go with me cause it freaked me out how dirty that place was but she didn’t go with me cause she and my dad had to talk to the doctor and I went alone. And it surprises me that I haven’t touched anything considering how clumsy I am. 😅😅

Never go to the bathroom in a Hospital unless you’re dying to go or have diarrhea. I’ve seen terrible things there. 💀👻 Nah I haven’t seen anything paranormal there cause I don’t believe in those things but I’ve seen dirt and little blood. Always flush the toilet guys, even if there’s nothing visible other than water. I’m not giving any details. 😂😂


Don’t touch the hospital gurney, everybody touched it before. Don’t touch the walls, they’ve been touched before. And don’t you even think of touching anything in the bathroom, you’ll die of disgust. Also be sure to not touch the doctor unless they wanted to hug you for some strange reason. 😷 In case you ever touch anything by accident, make sure to always bring hand gel to the hospital. I do. #CallMeWhatever 😂


You know when you have to wait in a creepy (and almost always empty room) waiting room before seeing the doctor? Bruh, that place scares the 💩 out of me. Just waiting there scares me, no matter if you’re waiting at the dentist, at the doctor, at the pediatrician, the oculist… It scares me, it’s like somthing weird is gonnah happen, that’s why I always bring something to entertain myself. 😂


Dude, at the waiting room, at the doctor’s room, in the hallway… 90% of the times there’s a baby crying somewhere. What are they doing to that baby? Give them something to eat! Give’em some medicine! Anyone do something!!! 😠😠 I didn’t come here all sick and weak to have to deal with some baby crying for some stupid reason!!! I wish babies understood the doctor ain’t gonna kill them (at least on purpose, just kidding). 😂😂

Hey, I hope you enjoyed my list of why hospitals creep me out. Do you ever get scared at the hospital? I do sometimes. I guess it was more often when I was little. Now it’s like meh. What do you like or not like about hospitals?

Before I go, go check out the latest collab post I made. It’s called Lyrical conversation and I made it with Kiya @ flawedsilence on her blog. You can check it out here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, cause this is a dream and you’re about to wake up. Just kidding, tho I dreamed of this post lol. I hope you all have a wonderful day/night/afternoon wherever you are!


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22 thoughts on “Why Hospitals are Creepy (Not Really)

  1. The worst part for me are the BABIES!! I mean I get you are just born and have new tear glands and you want to test ’em out but why?!!! Why in the world would you KEEP crying!!!!???!! The food definitely LOOKS as if a cow chewed it and dumped it on the plates XDD No Kidding!

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