14 Things That Make Me Happy | Birthday Post

14-things-that-make-me-happyHI  GUYS!

How are you doing? So today’s post s gonna be a little much more positive than the rest of my posts. If you already thought they were positive, just wait.  Why is this post different? Well, today is a very special day for me:

TODAY’S MY BIRTHDAY!! 😆🎂🎉giphy-11

Yay! Today I’m turning 14 and I’m super excited about it!! Makes me wonder about things I’m gonna do or achieve the time I’m 14!! Am I the only one? I think I’m gonna stop being excited about my birthday when I become a grown adult. That’s t least what all people say! 😂😂

So as I told you before, today *as corny as it sounds* I’m gonna talk about the things that make me happy! *cause there’s no reason I shouldn’t be happy today, or any day really* So grab a piece of cake to eat while you’re reading this post, today’s post is a party invitation and you’re all invited!! Now get ready to feel the happiness flowing through your veins! 😄


  1. My family: They’re everything for me! I mean, I’m just 14 years old and let’s be real, the only things in my life are school, my family, my friends and my hobbies. A ain’t a job, nor a special someone, nor my own children *I mean, not that I’d like to either, ew* 😷 I love my family, they’re my fav people!!
  2. My friends: I love my friends! I always have a wonderful time with them. They’re very funny and they always put a smile on my face when I see them. Sometimes they can be annoying and you don’t always have a great time with them, but I love them.
  3. My blogging friends: You guys are the most wonderful and amazing people I’ve ever known!! You’re all smart, supportive, intelligent, mature… simply awesome people! I thank god one day I started blogging cause right now I would not know any of you!!! 😍😍😍 You guys are the bets!!
  4. My blog (obviously): I love blogging. It’s my favorite hobby and really something that motivates me everyday! I have a lot of fun writing, making images, visiting blogs, making friends… 😄 Being a blogger is really something to be proud of. It keeps me inspired most of the time and it kind of has improved my writing skills *english writing skills, this ain’t my mother tongue*. If I didn’t have a blog right now, I really have no idea what I’be doing with my life!!!!! 😂😂 It’s really something I’ve been taking serious since I first started.tumblr_nybkq4bfq31umu4pyo1_400
  5. Speaking english: And this may sound like one of the stupidest things that can come out of my mouth. But in today in age, your life is over if you don’t speak english. You can’t go anywhere. English is everywhere and everything now. It’s also a language that I really like speaking, hearing and writing *ehem, also reading, ahah* 😅. And it’s also really satisfying to know you can communicate in another language. To be able to know another way of exchanging information with people *ok now I sound like my hot teacher*. It’s like another way to express yourself. It has also helped me achieve and do things I would’ve thought were impossible years ago. *ok let’s stop talking about it, this looks like a school essay* 😜
  6. Photography: I love it. I don’t think I even had to say it. Every since I was little and my dad would take pics in a family dinner or something, I always wanted to take pics too!! I don’t know, grabbing a camera and capturing a moment sounded unbelievable for me!! I remember my grandmother gave me my first camera when I was 7. 😊😊
  7. Sleeping: Sleeping is by far my fav thing to do. I seriously don’t understand people who say they don’t like sleeping. Like what? You don’t like your life!! It’s weird. Dude; relaxing, you’ve got nothing to worry about, laying in bed, dreaming, long hour rest… why would ya not like sleeping? I wish I could marry my bed:giphy-8
  8. Food: I wish I could marry food as well, all types of food. 🍔🍟🌭🍕 Can’t choose between the 2 loves of my life!! Food is a miracle!! Food is something magical, I’d be happy if I could eat all day. I wouldn’t care if I became fat.
  9. Wearing glasses: I shouldn’t be tremendously happy that my eyesight isn’t 100% effective, but I love wearing glasses. At first *and by that I mean, when I was 4 years old, almost 10 years ago now* I didn’t really like them *and by that I mean I hated them* but now I love them! And I don’t care what people think, I’m proud of wearing glasses, it also makes me look more responsible and mature!! 🤓🤓🤓 I also like wearing sunglasses a lot, even when it’s not pretty sunny. 😎
  10. Walking: Gong for a walk is one of the most relaxing and cool things you can do. I love beholding nature beauty *and I now this sounds fool and corny, I’m so sorry guys, I hate myself 😞 … wait, not today!* while thinking about stuff and walking, It’s also good for your health. Like, are there any disadvantages for this?
  11. I like where I live: And I’m not bragging, I jut love where I live. It’s beautiful!! I live near 2 small rivers that join, there’re 2 parks near where I live *tho one is cooler than the other* but I ain’t go to the park much though.
  12. Music: Whenever I’m sad *which doesn’t occur pretty often*, worried, stressed *which happens pretty often specially in school*, in a bad mood or scared; I just listen to music. It really helps. I love the vibes, the message they transmit, the beat, the rhymes, the sounds… I should be a song critic.15-gifs-de-bob-esponja-que-te-daran-pesadillas-2
  13. School: And don’t act like you’ve never ever had fun in school. Ok so everybody complains about school at some point, it’s normal, I mean, it’s isn’t a rose path, right? Sometimes it can be boring, sometimes hectic, sometimes annoying, and sometimes hell. But I think it’s pretty fun, not including exams, waking up early, studying, homework, student favoritism… 😤
  14. Weekends: I love weekends! Most of the times I go shopping with my parents, and I love going shopping!! I just like having 2 days of relaxation before then ext school week starts. I mean, you have to study a little, but I like it still!! 🎉🎉

So that was my long long list of the things that make me happy! *I had to write this yesterday cause it would take me hours to publish and I wanted to get it done to publish it early* What makes you happy? Do you like any of the things on this list? I wanna know! Not because it’s my birthday it has to be all about me here!! 😄😄

I can’t still believe I’m 14 already. Actually it feels the same as being 13 or 12. I like aging, just kidding! 😂😂 By the way, when’s your birthday? 🎂🎉 Hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful day!!


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84 thoughts on “14 Things That Make Me Happy | Birthday Post

  1. OMG happy birthday girl! I’m the blog abstract thoughts lol just started a new blog :3 but yaaaay!! Happy birthday!😊😊😊😊🎂🎈🎊🎊🎊🎊

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  2. AHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY WE’RE THE SAME AGE!! (Sorry this is late I’m a horrible human forgive me pls)

    I feel like majority of the teen community on here are 16/17/18+ but it’s nice to know I’m not the only young un’

    Hope you had a gr8 bday! 😘🎉🎉😂😂

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