My Summer Bucket List Review

my-summer-.bucket-list-reviewHI  GUYS!

Yo wassup? So as some of you may know, I did a Summer Bucket List post at the beginning of this summer and as it was my first summer bucket list, I didn’t know you could also make another post talking about the things you did and the things you didn’t until I read some other bloggers’ posts. So today I’m gonna do that!

If you haven’t already or just wanna check out the post, you can do so here! So get yourselves ready for: *drumroll please* *btw you might think the GIF doesn’t move but it does*


My 2016 Summer Bucket List Review:

  1. Read Books: So I have read one or two chapters of some books I’m currently reading. But that was all. I’m not proud of it, but I just haven’t almost read in all summer. Wait, does reading blog posts count? Cause I’ve read tons of’em!! I’ll try to read whenever I got free time during school season.
  2. Hang out with my friends: So yup, I’ve hanged out with my friends quite some times during this summer, and I think this is the summer in which I’ve hanged out with friends the most which, makes me happy! *cause I think I’m becoming more antisocial and that scares me*
  3. Go to the beach: To be honest with you, I thought I wouldn’t go to the beach this summer, but surprisingly I have. One day one of my friends asked me and other 3 friends to go to the beach that exact day and the other 3 friends couldn’t come but we found out late so I was already ready to go. *already ready? does that exist? sounds weird* So we were about to cancel it but he was also ready so we went to the beach!!!
  4. Blog more often: Yay! So this is the one I’m most proud of because I think blogging was the thing I was most excited about for this summer. Considering I didn’t go on holidays this summer *meh, next time then*, I had more time to blog which is awesome!!I blogged almost everyday except the days I was too busy or had to go somewhere with my parents.
  5. Going for a walk and working out: I’ve went for a walk almost every day since summer vacation started which makes me freaking proud cause I thought that wouldn’t happen!! What I haven’t done at all is working out. But I think going for a walk everyday is enough excercise, at least for me.
  6. Try not to get sunburnt: Taking into account that I went for a walk everyday but almost before the sun went down and that the only time I went to the beach there was no sun, I didn’t get sunburnt! Totally surprising eh? Dude, I’m so lucky!
  7. Take pictures: So yep, I’ve went on mini trips to places with my parents during summer to take pictures around and of course, posted them here. By the way, today I actually went to take pictures with my mom! My dad didn’t come cause he was busy. *cries* So yeah, I’ve taken quite a lot of pics this summer. And I’ll take more before school starts again. *cause there’s still some days*
  8. Not think about my crush: It doesn’t make me proud that I thought I wouldn’t be able to not think about him. But I didn’t! I mean, I did, I’ve actually thought of him everyday but he didn’t pop in my mind a lot either. It makes me happy that I’m not so crush dependent? I don’t know if that exists but you get me.
  9. Going to places with my parents: We actually didn’t go to THAT many places but remember when I told you my auntie and uncle weren’t coming to visit in the end? Well turns out they’re coming! Like, this time legit! So that means going to more places.
  10. Going shopping: So I’ve gone shopping quite some times during summer. I’ve also made 3 shopping hauls on this blog which makes me happy for some reason!

So that was a wrap on the things I did and didn’t do this summer!!! I hope you enjoyed spending your precious time on reading nonsense about my life!

What are the things that you’ve done or achieved this summer? What things didn’t you do? Did you go on holidays? I wanna hear from you now that I’ve ranted all about myself! ‘Nuff said, I hope you all have an amazing day!


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