The Truth About School Blogs

the-truth-about-school-blogsHI GUYS!

Sup peeps? As some of you may know, I’m starting school this Thursday. So as I’m pretty close, the only things I think about now is making posts to schedule in case I don’t have time when I start school, and well, school.

So I was thinking about school blogs, you know: Your teachers’ blogs they tell you to visit, blogs they tell you to make for school… So far, none of my teachers has told my class to make a blog for class, but some of my teachers and former teachers have blogs, and let’s be real, the only blog I visit is my hot teacher’s. *but shhh, ain’t nobody know that* But I wouldn’t visit any teacher blog if I didn’t crush on him.

DISCLAIMER: This is probably the 1.000.000th disclaimer I’m making omg, anyway. This post sin’t meant to harm any other blogs or teachers. It’s just meant to entertain and make other blogger students relate to my opinion about school blogs. I love blogging and blogs in general, so I’d never wanna make fun or insult any other blog content.

So as a sorta constant blogger that I am, today I wanted to talk about school blogs and things you may have or may have not thought about this topic. *cause let’s admit it, this is a weird topic* Also, for those of you eho have teachers with blogs, hasn’t it happened that when the teacher says they have a blog everyone’s like: Omg the teacher has a blog, and you’re just there like: Great, but with sarcasm.great-a-g

Like dude: who cares? They probably have abandoned it a year ago. They probably post every two months. They probably have no followers or views and they just want you to visit it. They probably post their musings but they say it’s a teaching blog to make you visit it.

LOL but hasn’t it happened to you that you visit your teacher’s blog and it’s like super friendly towards students? But like, way more than in class? Like, your teacher is totally normal and doesn’t try to be close to students but on their blog they’re like: Ok dear students, so today I’m posting some videos of how scientists believe the Stonehenge was made, isn’t it cool? Enjoy my little pupils!! And no one in the class visited that post.

This happens mostly in blogs I just randomly found on the internet, my teachers write on their blogs like they’re just writing for themselves, idk.

Also, what I’ve noticed is that teachers don’t really care about how their blogs look. They don’t care about the tile, they don’t change the blog theme/design, they don’t try to make interesting titles or images that bring people’s attention… I couldn’t go on with the list but it’ll be hella long. But that doesn’t matter because everybody knows the only people who are gonna read your blog will be your students *if you’re lucky* so the blog design is completely irrelevant, I get that.

But what I don’t get is that some teacher blogs don’t even have an about me page!!! Like, what kind of an idiot would make a blog and forget about making an about me page? That’s the least thing you could do! Seriously, having a blog and not making an about me page is like taking a crap and not cleaning afterwards, it doesn’t have a

But you know what? I don’t know if some teachers blog about their subject because they wanna teacher students and give’em like extra stuff to learn or if they just blog for fun. Because I’ve noticed some teachers blog in summer too. I thought they just posted like it was part of their job and just wrote stuff during school. But some also post in summer which surprises me a lot.

Ok so in my opinion I think it’s something to admire and seems like they don’t do it as a job but because they like it. Like they enjoy teaching and sharing they wisdom *if I can call it that* not only in class, but also online. But like, don’t they prefer to spend time enjoying summer like going to the beach or just forgetting teaching for some time? Idk.

I mean, as a non-teacher blogger, I of course enjoy blogging in summer because I do it as a hobby and because I love blogging and reading other blogs. But when you do it as part of a job, for me it’s like working. But it’s really something to admire, because no one tells them to blog during summer or just to blog for students in general. I actually admire that a lot. They enjoy doing their job! Well, maybe not that much.


But I think most school blogs end up being deleted or just abandoned. Cause as far as I know, 5 teachers I’ve had and teachers I’ve heard they had blogs. Right now, I think about 3 abandoned those blogs. It’s kinda sad, but the blogs were boring as hell and nobody visited them so it ain’t no catastrophe.

That’s the truth, most end up deleting them. I mean, there’s a bunch of worldwide famous bloggers who started their blogs as teaching and student blogs, but most end up deleting or abandoning them.

So this was the story of a poor little teacher’s blog which got deleted after few years of being often updated with wisdom and knowledge. LOL idk what I’m even talking about.

Anyway, that was my rant about school blogs. I hope you enjoyed my hopefully non offensive review. Do your teachers have blogs? Do you have a blog for school? What do you think about blogs without an about me page? Are you a teacher?

That was all for today’s post. I hope to be still daily posting when school starts. If not, I’ll be posting on weekends like I always do. I hope you enjoyed reading this post!! ‘Nuff said, I hope you have a great day!!


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