Back To School Stationary Haul

back-to-schoolHI GUYS!

How’s life people? I think I haven’t written any life updates in quite a while so I guess here goes one, yay enjoy! So as some of you may know, tomorrow I’m starting school again, urgh. Just kidding, I’m super excited to be back in school!!!

So as I’m back to school tomorrow, some days ago, I’ve been buying some supplies I needed for this year. I didn’t have to buy much considering I still have a lot of stuff from last year. Anyway here it goes:


The first thing I bought was a new bag! Last year’s is a little effed up cause idk if it’s just in my school but, we gotta carry a lot of books. It’s red and I think last time I had a red bag was when I was about 3! It was so cute!! It isn’t as big as the other one I have but this year I’m planning on carrying less weight.cimg2432

The second thing I bought was a file folder or something like that, idk what the eff it’s called, sorry. Me no speak english sorry. I’ve never actually used one cause I always have a notebook for each subject but this year I don’t wanna eff up my back. It’s a little girly and childish in my opinion but isn’t it cute?cimg2436

The third thing I bought was a pencil case. Like duh. Some day ago, I read a post written by JustAverageTeenMe in which she showed she bought a kinda square pencil case which was so cool! Btw shout out to her, visit her blog cause it’s great!! I already wanted to have one for some time and surprisingly I saw one, of course I bought it!! It’s just so cool!

The last thing I bought was of course, an agenda. I’m an organised person but I always need something to write stuff on cause I’m a little bit forgetful. I’ve had a blue agenda with purple squares in 7th grade and a blue one in 8th grade so I wanted to have another color for this year. It’s really cool! I also like the size, it’s not too bug but not too small either, perfect!cimg2435

Umm, I think that’s all I bought! What did you buy for this year? Are you excited for school? Are you already in school? I hope you liked this post even though you probably don’t care about what I bought for this year lol.

I’ll be starting school tomorrow, I already know who’s in my class and so far everything’s ok. The only thing I want is my crush to be my teacher, I know I’ve said this about a million times but I mean it. Anyways, hope you have a great day!!


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