My Thoughts Yesterday + Updates

my-thoughts-yesterdayHI GUYS!

How life treating ya peeps? Mine is a little crazy right now. So yesterday my day was a little crazy so I wrote some thoughts down to kinda vent, which didn’t really work actually.

So for those of you who don’t know about what’s going on in my life, I’m gonna explain the whole thing. So I had a teacher who I’ve had for the past 2 years and he’s my crush. And I’ve been wanting him to be my teacher again this year since the last two weeks of last year. There was even a point in which I was down on the last few days of the school year because of that. I’ve been thinking about it everyday in summer. Something I really wanted since a kinda long time now.

Also, yesterday I went to school and a lot of people went too cause it was the day we found out in which class we were in. Yeah dude, they published the effing lists one damn day before school started. *excuse my vocab btw* So I went to see the lists with my mom as soon as I got out of the doctor’s appointment. *I was sick btw, and I still am actually* So we went there and my class was pretty much the same as last year’s so it was ok.

So when me and my mom came home, few hours later, I remembered to show my dad the lists. And here’s the thing, I had a classmate who was really cool and really funny who I really appreciated, he was a great person. My dad asked about that guy, if he was going to be on my class. I was like: OH CRAP! I didn’t see him on the list. I totally forgot about him when I first saw the list. I checked it again hoping I didn’t read his name by accident.

He was not there.

I freaked out. I didn’t even think of having him or not having him in my class. I didn’t even come to think of it. I totally forgot about him. It kinda hurt me to know he was not gonna be my classmate this year. It was about 20:00 pm by that time and I spent about 40 minutes thinking about the whole thing. There’re was no way I could feel better at that moment. I even had tension headache. It hurt really bad, I had some Ibuprofen but it didn’t work until about an hour later. I seriously didn’t think it was gonna affect me so much. I just, didn’t see it come.

So about today in school; I wrote a little something when I was in school. Here it is:

Ok so right now I’m in school, it’s 958 am which means we’re starting the second hour. So I have the same tutor as last year which I don’t really care about, she told us the lessons we had and teachers we were gonna have. Turns out my rush is my teacher this year. I really don’t have any words to describe my feelings right now.

Just now, he came in class and I’m freaking out. I’m probably not even gonna understand my handwriting when I rewrite this after school. He’s talking. I understand him cause he’s speaking my language but I can’t process the words he’s saying. Now he left. I’m kinda sadder now. I don’t have class with him today, but I have tomorrow. I guess I’ll be writing more as time goes by.

Ok so right now I’m in math class and I have the same teacher as last year and it makes me happy cause he’s really cool.

I stopped writing cause one of my friends was gossiping my notes and it was uncomfortable.

So that was all for now, I guess this is all that happened along the first day in school, at least the most important things. I hope to be updating you all as soon as more things happen.

Anyways, hope you liked this post and I hope it wasn’t boring cause maybe it is. I hope you’re all doing well right now and I hope school is also going well, because it can be stressful as hell sometimes. ‘Nuff said, hope you have a great day!


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